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In the year One thousand eight hundred and fifty-four.

To incorporate the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Sect. 1. Benjamin C. Clark, Isaac Livermore, Charles Allen, Isaac Davis, William G. Bates, Stephen C. Phillips, Charles C. Hazewell, Alexander H. Bullock, Henry Wilson, James S. Whitney, Samuel E. Sewall, Samuel G. Howe, James Holland, Moses Kimball, James D. Green, Francis W. Bird, Otis Clapp, Anson Burlingame, Eli Thayer, Otis Rich, their associates, successors and assigns, are hereby made a corporation, by the name of the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company for the purpose of assisting emigrants to settle in the West, and, for this purpose, they shall have all the powers and privileges, and be subject to all the duties, restrictions and liabilities, set forth in the thirty-eight and forty-fourth chapters of the Revised Statutes.

Sect. D. The capital stock of said corporation shall not exceed five millions of dollars. Said capital stock may be invested in real and personal estate: provided, the said corporation shall not hold real estate

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in this Commonwealth to an amount exceeding twenty thousand dollars.

Sect. 3. The capital stock of said corporation shall be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each; but no more than four dollars on each share shall be assessed during the year eighteen hundred and fifty-four, and no more than ten dollars on each share be assessed in any one year thereafter.

Sect. 4. At all meetings of the stockholders, each stockholder shall be entitled to cast one vote for each share held by him: provided, that no stockholder shall be entitled to cast more than fifty votes on shares held by himself, nor more than fifty votes by proxy.

Sect. 5. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.

House of Representatives April 24th. 1854

Passed to be enacted.
Otis P. Lord – Speaker
In Senate April 25th 1852
Passed to be enacted

Charles Edward Cook President
April 26th 1854

Emory Washburn

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Secretary & Office April 27th 1854

A true Copy

E M Wright
Secretary of the Commonwealth


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