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Untitled Document Lawrence K. T. Oct 26 1857.

Dear Sir

At a Meeting of the Freemen of Kansas in Mass Convention at Lecompton on the 19th inst, after protesting against the assembling of the Bogus Constitutional Convention, the following Resolution was by acclamation adopted

Resolved That we recommend the appointment of a Committee of Fifty-two Members, to investigate and expose the recent frauds upon the elective franchise, and to provide for the summary punishment of all who are implicated therein

The Committee were then appointed in private, that their names may not be known to the public.

You are one upon that Committee, and it is expected that you will make it your duty to serve vigilantly in your vicinity in accordance therewith. If any frauds were committed there trace them out root and branch, and the names of the parties connected therewith. Obtain affidavits attested by yourself relative to all material facts, and forward the same to me at Lawrence. The Committee have organized and will meet again the first Tuesday in November at this place when it is to be hoped you will be present. They will meet monthly thereafter

At the meeting for organization it was decided that all our proceedings should be secret until made public by a vote of the Committee

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You are also appointed upon a Sub Committee of thirteen to raise funds for the purpose of carrying out the above

Very truly Yours

Wm Hutchinson



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