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Untitled Document Meadville May 29 [1856]

My Dear Husband

You are indeed having lamentable times there in Kansas. The latest intelligence from the Territory informs us of the destruction of the Hotel and Brown’s printing office at Lawrence; and the assembling of the free-state-men at your place for the purpose of fighting it out. I hope the difficulty will be settled more amicably. It is horrible to think of fighting – to think of you surrounded- and in the midst of so much danger - - gives me no pleasant feelings. A fearful sensation thrills my breast whenever I take up the latest

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paper lest I should discover among the names of the slain or wounded – the name of my much loved husband.

These things are awful – Yet I trust that God will defend the right:

Mr Nichols called to day – he said that he could not determine positively what day he would leave for K—but wished to do so as soon as he had later word from the war; - perhaps we may go next week I will write you, however, before we leave - You appear to entertain some fears as to the propriety of my leaving a quiet place for one of excitement and trouble – Now my Dear H- abandon all such apprehensions and let me come to you - I am pretty certain that I can live there and endure as much as those ladies who are already there- and have been all through the struggle - - - I have received your letters of May the 16th and 18th – before this you will

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have received some from me - containing 398, dollars – which you may think sufficient for your present use – and the remainder I will take with me, as I am going soon - - Kate Gill was buried last Sunday – her funeral was very large - I received a letter from Mrs Roberts in which she invites me most cordially to pay her another visit soon. She says Lucy is very poorly at present and has been out of health for some time - Ottinger is getting along finely with his school - We are enjoying usual good health - Your health I hope is good, nothing more today, hoping that you will soon be at peace – and that I shall be with you ere long, I subscribe myself your faithful wife

Mary Holliday


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