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Untitled Document Pleasant Grove Greenwood Co K T
Oct 3rd 1860

Thaddeus Hiatt

Sir At the request of your agent Mr. Nichols I will submit a brief statement of facts in regards in regard [sic] to the condition of the settlers on this (the Verdigris River).

I have been here about 18 months engaged in the practice of medicine and am now the only Dr on the River for at least 35 miles. my two colleagues have left for better paying quarters. The settlers may be divided in two classes, those that came here last year and were sick all fall and some till Christmas – They this year are healthy and those who came this year and are still suffering from disease, which all nothern persons seem bound to undergo the first year – Those who were sick and became acclimated last year have this enjoyed good health and had it not been from the fact that nothing could be raised in consequence of the drouth would be in fair circumstances. But sir they are destitute and many must suffer, many now are actual want. But these things you know. As regards myself I ask nothing. I can get along. But I will submit for your consideration the following proposition viz. That if you will furnish me $100. worth of drugs I will forgive debts to the amt of $300. among the most needy, and I will further agree to prescribe and administer to all who apply, and do the best I can to alleviate their sufferings.

This however I have been doing ever since I came here but find without aid I shall have to quit it,

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for to collect enough money to procure drugs is impossible, and unless you furnish me, I shall have to purchase on time, for the last six months altho I have made many accts yet I have not realised money enough to meet my expenses by near one half. And that I will faithfully carry out what I propose. I will give any security you may ask, and as to the reliability of my statements I would refer you to Mr. Nichols, or to any of the Officers or brethren of Neosho Lodge No 27 of F.A.A.M to Leroy KT, I would further propose that I will gladly cooperate with your committee in reporting cases who are actualy objects of charity. My chance for observation is probably better than any man on the River. And suggest that if you furnish either food or clothing you at least leave some of it in the hands of the committee or some reponsible person to be given only to cases of especial want If you choose to entrust anything to my care I will take charge of it cheerfully, and will give bond and security if you desire it to faithfully apply it.

Our most hideous disease this winter will no doubt be scurvy. Last year we had none of it, up to last February and March, which disappeared as soon as vegetables could be obtained for food.

But now it is appearing again, vegetables do not exist. I much fear its ravages this coming winter And I doubt you being able to furnish anything which would go farther to alleviate suffering than dried fruit of some kind which contains vegetable acid, perhaps dried apples would be the best you could obtain which if you should furnish I should be glad you would leave subject to my order. To be used only in cases of sickness and want.

Yours truly, A. Venard, MD


Tartaric acid 1 lb Extract stramoninin 2 oz
Citric 1 lb Fluid Ex Valerian 1 lb
Nitric 1 lb Quinine (American) 16 oz
Sulphuric 1 lb Leptandrin 1 oz
Muriatic lb Podophyllin 1 oz
Ascetic 2 lb Blue Mass. (Manders) 1 lb
Acacia Gum 2 lb Mercurial Ointment (strong) 1 lb
Acetate Lead 2 lb mild 1 lb
Acetate Morphia 2 Z Calomel (English) 1 lb
Tannic Acid 2 oz Salicine 4 oz
Ether Sulphuric 2 lb Valerianate of Quinine 1 oz
Alcohol 4 gall Opium lb
Camphor Gum 1 lb Morphia Sulphate 2 Z
Aloe Socatrine lb Iodide Potassium 1 lb
Hydrastin 1 oz Iodide Zink 1 oz
Alum 9 lb Prussiate of Iron 1 oz
Ammonia Carb lb Tinct Ferri Murias 2 lb
Anise seed lb Epicacuanh pectoris 1 lb
Aqua Ammonia 1 lb Tartar Emetic lb
Argenti Nitras (crystals 3 oz Rhei: (Turkey) powdered lb
(in stick 2 oz Rhei selected lb
Lead Plaster 1 lb Syrup Iodide of Iron 2 lb
Arrow Root 2 lb Dovers Powder 1 lb
Balsam of Fir 1 lb Oil Spruce 1 lb
Peru 1 lb Hemlock 1 lb
Tolu 1 lb Cedar 1 lb
Copaiba 1 lb Anise 4 oz
Bark Peruvian selected red 2 lb Origanum 2 lb
Borax 1 lb Cinnamon 4 oz
Chloroform 2 lb Peppermint 4 oz
Colocyuth Comp. Ex 1 lb Chlorate Potassa 1 lb
Comp. Syrup Stillingae 2 lb Vinus Colchici Radix 2 lb
Aromatic Syrup Rhei 2 lb Castor Oil 1 gallon
Extract Belladonna 2 oz Castorum lb
Extract Gentran 1 lb British Oil 1 lb
Extract Sassparilla fluid, com. 1 lb Jalap Extract lb
    Castile soap 2 lb
    Oil Ergot 4 oz
    Creosote 4 oz
    Digitalis lb
    Piperin 2 oz
    Creta Prep l lb
Oil Turpentine 2 lb    
Venice Turpentine 1 lb    

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