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Untitled Document Topeka K. T. Sept. 10, 1855

My Dear Wife - As our mail goes out regularly on Tuesdays & Saturdays I dont know but that I will have to change my day of correspondence to correspond with the mail - I received two letters from you while in attendance at the Big Springs Convention of the 5th inst. One of date 16th, the other 23d August - You may rest assured I was most glad to learn that you & the babe were still in the enjoyment of good health – And I trust this will find you so –

For myself my health still continues not only good, but it has never been better. But this is not so with others and may not continue so with me. We have a number of sick in our town and neighborhood at the present time; but this is nothing more than I

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expected would occur at this season of the year. The disease is generally of a billious kind – fever & ague billious, intermittent, remittent, and in some instances typhoid, fevers. But few deaths, however, have as yet occurred, and I earnestly hope may not occur.

With respect to your earnest request to come to Kansas, I have only to say that it is as earnestly my desire as it can be yours to have you here! And from the way things are now going I think I will either send for you, or go for you myself, before long. I do not want to go for you, for it will cost me quite two hundred Dollars directly out of pocket, but at the same time I will want more money and may for this reason be obliged to go East - If not I will trust to your ability to financier

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and have you employ Mr Lenhart to go the city for you and raise the money! but of this I will write more fully again –

I think it is more probable that I will take charge of the Paper at this place. I have been solicited so to do; and if I can agree with Mr Garvey upon terms I will accept – My next principal object will be to secure a good farm claim and then have you here - But be not impatient my dear Mary, all things will I am satisfied ultimate in good. If you can learn of any one coming out to the Territory let me know and I will try and make it so as to have you come with them.

At the Free State Convention, Gov. Reeder was nominated as the Delegate to Congress. We small fry all had to stand back for his Excellency - But

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it is all well. He is much the Strongest man and will have by far the most influence at Washington of any man that could have been nominated. Had Reeder not have run my chance stood next best in the Convention –

Our town is still improving and we will very soon have a pretty little place - There is but one thing that I want, and that is your own dear self here & the baby – But that will all come round in due course of time. Keep a good heart and all will go well - Where are you boarding now? At Ingrams, or at home? We will issue a paper from this office this week and I will send you a copy –

Is Ed Bearce doing business in Meadville now? I see an advertisement in the papers which looks that way - I hope Ed Ottinger will succeed in his matters - Ed is a good boy and assures success
How is Lizzies foot - Remember me to all the friends – Write often

Your Aff husband

C. K. Holliday


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