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Untitled Document Topeka K. T.
Oct. 7, 1855

My Dear Wife –

I again take up my pen to address you a line. It will prove only a “line” from the fact that I do not feel in a mood to lengthen out to any great extent today; and secondly from the fact that a few days ago by the last mail I wrote you a good long letter of some twelve crowded pages - In that letter which I trust you will readily receive – I requested you, if you deemed it expedient, to make some arrangements and start for Kansas - I mentioned among other things that a Mr. Foster of Spring, Crawford Co, Pa. Was coming to the Territory this fall and that you could perhaps make arrangements to come with him. I have since learned that Foster is now on his way, so that you will be cut off from the opportunity of trav-

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elling with him. I would therefore renew the suggestions I offered in my last;; That if you conclude to come, & cannot get some reliable person to travel with that you had better, by all means, consign yourself into the care of the “Express Company” and have them place you on board some good boat at St Louis for Kansas City - I am satisfied this will be your safest way to travel, and while it will cost you somewhat more than it would if you traveled on your own responsibility, yet when the overcharges and “gouging” to which you will be subjected when travelling alone, are taken into consideration it may prove quite as cheap.

I mentioned in my last that the way things were shaping themselves have prevented my going after you. What I then had reference to, but did not fully express, is this: A Convention to frame a Constitution for Kansas is to be holden at this place on the fourth Tuesday of this

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month, and it was suggested by many that my name would be used as one of the Delegates to that Convention. Yesterday a Convention met to put I nomination a ticket for this district, and I recd the unanimous vote of the Convention as one of the Delegates - Next Tuesday the election will take place, and if the Missourians do not trouble us (and I dont think they will) I will be elected by an almost unanimous vote. This is a very distinguished and responsible trust and honor, and I know you will rejoice with me that the people have so much confidence in me as to confide it to me: And I know too that this and other business matters that I need not represent at present will be ample excuse for my not coming for you myself.

I sent you the Kansas Freeman of last week. All the inside matter was prepared by me - I did have hopes of

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of becoming Editor of the Freeman but some circumstances have arisen that will probably prevent my acting as such - I will, however, effect such an arrangement if I can - I am not building as yet, but will commence soon - It may be we will have to board a short time after you come out, but not long, as I can soon build a pretty good house. But even if we have to board some time we may as well board here together as to be boarding apart as we are now doing –

I will leave for Lawrence and Kansas City – on Tuesday next and will either write you the result of the election or send you a paper or both - I had a letter from you since I wrote you last. I regret very much that Lizzies foot continues so bad. I hope this will find her better. You had better not bring any girl with you; as girls can be obtained here I think - Hoping to hear from you soon - I am, as ever,

Your aff. Husband

C. K. Holliday


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