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Untitled Document Lawrence Kans. Tery
July 29, 1855

My Dear Wife –

I arrived in Lawrence last evening and after having returned from the service of the Rev. Mr. Lumm, conclude that I will resume my old established custom of writing to you upon the Sabbath day –

My health is first rate – Indeed, Mary, I have the greatest reason to be grateful to an ever indulgent God for the very great kindness shown me in this respect while upon my return to the Territory - I have scarcely seen an unwell day since I left you – I trust my Dear Wife that this letter will find you and the babe in the best possible state of health and spirits – May God bless you! –

Day before Yesterday (Friday) I spent at the Shawnee Mission with the Governor and in visiting the Psuedo-Territorial Legislature - The Governor and the assembly are at perfect loggerheads. The Gov. does not recognize them as a legal body, vetoes all their bills, and pays no respect whatever to them - Where this will all end I or no other man can dare to predict. The Governor says that when he left his family he told his

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wife just how things stood and that it was probable she might never see him again - That will give some idea of how he regards things - You must not argue from this that there is any immediate danger – I think not in fact – and things have now assumed such a shape that they will attack Reeder before they do the citizens - I find the crops here remarkably good – Corn is 12 to 16 feet high on an average and must sell for about 25 cents per bushel - Lawrence has improved some what since I left in fact is rapidly beginning to assume the appearance of an old settled place - Topeka I understand is also improving; but – I will know more of that in a few days as I will leave for Topeka tomorrow if I can manage my business here so as to do so - The weather is quite warm! Though nothing like what it was in Penna. last year. You remember how hot it was then at Lownys Hotel. I shd like this Country much if it were not for the political difficulties – Though they must all work out right in course of time – I wrote you since I left home from Winona twice – Iowa City – Des Moines – Council Bluffs I think & Kansas City I hope you have written as often - I will write again of course as soon as I get to Topeka –

I wish very much, Mary, that you were here; and yet it is as well that you are not - Kiss Lillie as usual a thousand & one times for me and imagine yourself kissed two thousand times by me - Mary I love you & our babe very much indeed – More than I can tell – More than you can imagine –

Your loving & faithful husband

C. K. Holliday


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