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Untitled Document Topeka Kansas Ter.
March 18, 1855

My Dear Wife

I believe I mentioned in my last that I have after a delay of near two months, received a letter from you – It was dated January – no February 15th – I assure you, my dear wife, that nothing could have been more acceptable to me than that letter except your own dear self - Oh! Mary! how I would love to see you and again have the pleasure of clasping you to my bosom – But I must not indulge in such reflections now – I am away here in Kansas and you there in Penna. fifteen hundred miles apart and it is vain and foolish to sigh for that which impossibilities prevent us from enjoying – But the time will come, in the providence of a good God, when we will again embrace each other and enjoy each others society – and that time I trust is not far distant! For if I receive the money from you and Ingram for which I have written I will leave for home on, or before, the middle of April – You must however, My Dear Mary, take this statement as you have had to take many others and that is: as being subject to many exceptions. For something may arise between now

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and that time that may wholly thwart my purpose – Let nothing that I may have said in any of my former letters deter Ingram from making his arrangements of coming to Kansas - My opinion of the Territory is unchanged! and I have seen it in its worst possible aspects – And I do think if, after enduring what I have endured this winter, I am still in love with the Territory I shall certainly love it always,

But mark! I do not urge upon Ingram to come He knows for himself concerning the Territory and if he is satisfied from what I have from time to time written to you concerning it: and from what he knows personally concerning it: that Kansas is the place for his home: then would I indeed be glad to have him come out here and make it his home. But he must understand it well that investing property in Kansas is like buying tickets in a lotery He may “draw” a “capital prize” – He may “draw” nothing – “a blank”, But he knows this as well as I, and much better therefore he must use his own judgement! At the same time assuring him that I could not be better pleased with any country than I am with Kansas! And that I think it possesses all the advantages for making money and getting a home that we both thought it did last fall

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We are again having cold weather - I think day before yesterday was the most stormy day we have had - The snow was about six inches deep - For two or three days it had been snowing gradually; and on Friday afternoon it came down with great force – At noon I left my house and returned to it after supper in the evening - I found the snow everywhere throughout my house – I measured it on a board and found it three inches deep inside - My bed was also covered with snow three inches deep and I took my washbowl and with a sweep or two of the hand piled it heaping full and thawed it, or melted it, for wash water in the morning! having to economise as I have to carry my water one mile – The balance of the snow I shook off upon the floor I then took a hoe that some of the boys dug from an Indian grave a few days before, and with it I scraped a pathway from the door to the stove - I believe you generally use snow scrapers outside of the house in Penna. Remember that in Kansas we use them for the inside.

I then turned into bed! slept soundly, if not “sweetly” as the poets say – woke up the next morning finding my bed again well covered with snow - This, my dear wife, is life in Kansas Do you think you can endure it - I hear you answer no! Well! Well! don’t so no too quick

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for I certainly hope and pray that neither you nor I nor any persons will be obliged to live in such houses as we have lived in here this winter - Yet many intelligent refined and even very beautiful ladies have lived the kind of life and endured the hardships above described in this Territory this winter – But few of them, however, have been in Topeka – though for the past two months we have had a few families with us – but quite a number of families have lived as I have described in the City of Lawrence – Things, however, will we all trust soon be better –

I regret to hear of your Fathers sickness – and hope this will find him well again - You have told me nothing about Lizzies foot. I hope it is well - How are all the rest of the folks – Oh how I again wish I was in Meadville and by your side to night – for it has now got to be night – but but I must stop this wishing – It does no good – still a man cannot well avoid doing so sometimes - I can never help wishing when I think of you my, dear dear wife

Write immediately

Your truly

C. K. Holliday


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