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Untitled Document Elmira Oct. 4, ‘56
Mr. Hyatt – Dr Sir

Just returned from Penn.where I have been speaking for Kansas – I find your note of the 28th.

In reference to giving my aid in organizing NY etc, nothing would give me more pleasure; but I will think aloud (?) to you & leave you to make another move as you see fit.

In the first place I am laboring now in Pa – with a view to success in three objects; 1st to subsist my two sons in the Free State army of Kansas by the pay I get for my lectures, which averages $10. the lecture over expences or $50. per week: 2d – aid in the election of Fremont by

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showing how Kansas, alias Freedom, is being stabbed in the house of its pretended friends north, & how & with whom are the remedy. 3d to open the hearts & purses of people to sustain the Free State Sufferers & influence emigration within,

If I take the agency you propose my Sons must be thrown upon the common fund for relief & support – I will never desert them for any post that promises less.

There is another way I cant do, join with me a co-worker to attend to the business arrangements, speak to audiences & rely on contributions of my audiences to Sustain my Sons. Keeping that income separate from the associational funds.

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You ask if I know any suitable persons for this work. Susan B Anthony of Rochester has the executive ability -- & the experience admirably adapted to the work. She headed the Woman’s movement which thoroughly organized N Y for the Temperance Campaign three or four years ago. She has proven herself a capable financier & collector. She has a brother in the Free State army in Kansas & if I take the post you propose I would submit her as my right-hand woman. She has been accustomed to such a relation having been associated with extemporaneous speakers as her co-workers. From her, before

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any other person I would expect to get all the information needed for such a move. She is acquainted with the whole ground & the workers.

If old Penn. is to be carried by only a few votes & I could change the votes of that few to Fremont, nothing would induce me to leave the field I am now in. But if Mr Evely thinks Pa is in no such strait that so small a service cannot be spared – then with my whole soul I will enter the field you propose at once, on condition that my precious boys shall be sustained by my labors. I am extensively acquainted in my State & know I can do what you ask to good purpose

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I am engaged to speak till Thursday of next week – 9th – in Pa., & other invitations remain to be defused or arranged for when I get there next Monday the 6. Oct.

Write me here if you think best, & a second letter to Mansfield Tioga Co, Pa where I speak on Wed. the 8th – if you wish a speedy reply.

Meantime I will mail a letter Monday to Miss Anthony & request her to communicate with you at once.

Yours for Humanity

C. I. H. Nichols

P.S. Excuse my pencilling – I am writing at a station – no pen & ink


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