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Untitled Document City of Lawrence K. T.
Nov. 18, 54

My Dear Mary –

Through the politeness of the City Magistrate I am favored with material to pen you a single line just previous to Mr Ingrams departure - Had it not been for his kindness you could not have heard from me except by word of mouth –

Mr Ingram will fully explain all the inconveniences of our situation and the trials through which we have passed - I design remaining here for some time – how long I dont know – in order to effect some business arrangements - I would not have gone here for anything, just now but at the same time will expect to have you come with me here hereafter - I am perfectly delighted with the Country - You may tell those who inquire that my idea of the country is simply this - that God might have made a

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better country than the Kansas but so far as my knowledge extends he certainly never did - I am bound to make it my home if I can at all succeed in making suitable business arrangements - The site of this new city I think is most beautiful – and I know you would be delighted with it - But of all those matters Mr Ingram will fully tell you - It may be that I will be home in a week or ten days after Ingram’s arrival but you must not look for me at that time as I may not come until near spring. But may rest assured that whether I stay or go or whatever I do shall all be done for our mutual good - If I conclude to stay here for a while I will make arrangements for putting up a building early in the spring – and I succeed in making suitable arrangements we will try and come out in the spring –

Ingram will tell you how to address me and I hope to hear from you often – much oftener than you can hear from me.

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There has been a good deal of suffering among some of the Emigrants in consequence of not properly understanding their business – the Penna company arrived the day after we did and were very illy prepared for the journey - There was a good deal of disaffection among them - Where they have gone I cant find out – but some of them I believe are here and some at Council Grove about 100 miles south of this - But I will write no more – If there should be any letters for me let Mr. Ingram mail them to me –

Remember, Mary, that I am your Husband – that you are my wife – that as such I love you fondly and most dearly –

A letter from you will do me much good –

Yours affectionately



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