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Untitled Document Boston – July 16/58

My dear Sir-

We suppose from not having heard from you for some days that you are on a trip up the river, & we shall be glad to hear what you found there.

We have had some discussion in the Comm’te whether it was worth while to offer our property for sale on any other than cash

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terms. Last year all sales in the Terr’y seemed to be made pretty much for cash. But now that that commodity is scarce & land titles are getting more settled, so as to offer a reasonable security for payments, I suppose that sales will usually be made for a fraction in cash & the balance in time, as is the custom throughout the west. I should like to know what the feeling is in Kanzas now, & your own opinion on the subject. Can we sell much more readily & to better advantage for say ¼ cash & the balance in 12,

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18 & 24 months, than for all cash? Are sales on these terms at all common in Kanzas? Would there probably be much difficulty in regaining possession of the property in the event of non-payment? Where the titles are secure we should best secure ourselves by giving merely a contract to give a deed when all payments are made. I am thinking particularly of this in reference to the larger pieces of property – to sell $100 dollar lots in this way would complicate the business too much. We should rather avoid time paym’ts if possible for they always involve difficulties & delays, but we

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must sell some property somehow & if we cannot get all cash we must get as much as we can.

I was very glad to learn your ideas on Kanzas politics from your letter of June 14th. Present appearances indicate that Lecompton has been given up as hopeless. I can hardly think that any scheme of force or fraud is concealed under this apparent indifference. The administration must see that that game is getting too dangerous. I cannot believe that after the defeat of Lecompton you will settle down quietly into a Territorial condition

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for 3 or 4 yrs. You have had constitutions enough perhaps for a reasonable people – but won’t it be worth while to have another ready, made & ratified, for the next Congress in Dec’r /59. If there were any unanimity of feeling in Kansas in its favor, a strong fight could be made on it, whatever may be the politics of that Congress. It is well to have one’s tools ready in time – if the Leavenworth Constitution could have been sent to Washington by the 1st of April with the vote that the then existing excitement & uncertainty would have brought out, the effect might have been very great- I hope

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you will throw a very large vote against Lecompton – Republicans need something to inspirit them – I don’t think their position has been improved by the course of the leaders in Congress; nor is there much encouragement elsewhere. Douglas, I think it evident, is arriving at a position from which he can re-enter the Democracy on his own terms & with a great force in 1860 & I am not clear that he won’t succeed.

Do you know anything of Moritz Pinner of Kanzas City – He has been in some of y’r Territorial conventions – wants to establish a German F. S paper in K. C’y. & asks assistance – do you think the German emigration very useful to the Free State cause? It seems to have a force of inertia, but nothing more, in keeping out slavery. –

Yours very truly

M Brimmer

M.F. Conway Esq


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