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James Fuller.
To cash – paid for provision, - medicine while sick -

Mrs – James
To cash – to buy medicine with

B. Davis.
To cash to buy provision

To bill paid for lumber - nails for coffin of Frederick
Brown & David Garrison -

To – balance yet unpaid of money advanced to pay lawyers
Fees for prisoners at Tecumsee in June last.






Osawatomie K. T.

Nov. 7 56. S. L. Adair.

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Mr. Wm. Hutchinson, Member of the Kansas State Central Committee. I send you the bill on the preceeding page, asking of you the favor to present it to the committee, - if they think proper to order it paid, to send the money by the Mr. N. S. Storrs or any other reliable person coming to Osawatomie.

In respect to the items in the foregoing bill, I would say that Mr. James Fuller is a true free state man. He - most of his family have been sick most of the time since early in July. His oldest son was one of the prisoners taken on the day of the battle in Osawatomie - is now in Wisconsin sick. The family are almost wholy dependent upon others for food & clothing at present – when

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well are a hard working family - need no assistance. The money - charged in acct I advanced before any funds for the relief of the suffering reached this place – with the promise of Dr. Up Degraph – their com – for attending to such matters in their region that it should be refunded.

Mr. James is a free state man from Wisconsin – lost his oxen by the pro slavery men; - the free state men, through mistake, drove away his cow – has a large family – they have all been sick.

With Mr. Davis I am not so well acquainted, but a neighbor of his with whom I am well acquainted, came to me with him having heard that I had funds in my hands for the destitute a suffering & assured me as to his character as a free state man and his wants. At that time I had none & gave him three dollars (my own money) with which to buy bread for his family – they were sick.

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As to the bill for lumber – Frederick Brown & Garrison were both relation of mine. I sent a man to a neighbor to get the lumber – have been twice dunned for the pay – the second time, having the money – I paid it out of my own pocket –

The eight dollars are a balance due on the money furnished the prisoners at Tecumsee in June last. H. H. Williams spoke of presenting this item to you a short time since. If any thing including it has been granted him, omit it in this bill.

I am in directly informed that a box of clothing has been sent me from the American Missionary Association N. Y. – probably sent to W. F. Mc Arny Chicago. Is there any such box among the goods that have arived? If there is, or shall yet come to hand any such box – please inform me, or send it - I will pay all expenses.

Yours truly,

S. L. Adair,

S. L. Adair

Nov 20
Approved by
Wm Hutchinson
A. Curtiss
J Blood.


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