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Untitled Document Bloomington Oct 27/60
J. Blood Esq

Your favor of the 22d is recd

We had hoped to have forwd to Atchison before this 2 car loads of Potatoes, We have now at the Ware house more than enough to load 2 cars but from the difficulty in procurring sacks, we shall not be able to get them off until Tuesday next. We shall mark them C.R. but Know of no parties to whom to consign them in that place, I will forwd you the Bill of Lading, We should have been glad to have

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able to prepay the freight, but we have not recd enough to pay for the sacks. We hope collections will be made in other places money sufficient to defray all expenses of transportation

In reference to the loan you speak of, I do not think it could be effected here, our people as you are probably aware are just recovering from the financial pressure of the past 3 years, and though we have but little money, Providence has blessed us with a bountiful crop which, (from the feeling already manisfested) I doubt not our people will gladly share with their suffering brethern in Kansas. We purpose

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receiving & storing all the potatoes we can procure to forward in the spring for seed, also spring wheat & oats. I hope the people of Kansas will not regard this assistance as a charity but merely as a loan from their more fortunate neighbors which I am sure will be cheerfully repaid should we ever be in a like situation The people of Illinois will not allow their brethern in Kansas to lack for Bread or seed, but we will send you of our abundance, which we can do without injury to ourselves.
Yours Truly

C. W. Holder

Should be glad to hear from you frequently


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