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Untitled Document St Louis March 14th [1856]

Dr Thos H Webb
Dear Sir

We regret to inform you that the shippment of 100 rifles and 2 guns were seized at Lexington Mo as they were in transit for Steamer Arabia from this port to Leavenworth City. The particulars have not yet reached us as to how or by whom they were taken. Unless taken by authority of the United States the boat is liable for their non delivery and an attachment on her at this port on her return would bring either the rifles or the money for them. There would be no trouble in bringing a suit and attaching the boat in this city. We enclose your copy of B/L and should a suit be brought we think it should be done in the name of Mr Hoyt Please give us your instructions or send a suitable person here to take the necessary steps. We hear of no fighting in the Teritory. In future shippments please be more cautious in the packages, As these sent, were undoubtedly suspected by some border ruffians before they left

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Massachusetts. You cannot be to cautious and discreet in such shippments. The rout via Iowa is at present impracticable and with due caution and small shippments we anticipate no further difficulty

My respect

Your servant
F. A. Hunt Co.

P S on account of the anticipated high rates we have removed to No 7 City building Freights to Kansas 50 cts per 100lbs.

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P S Since writing you the foregone the evening paper has come in from which we cut the enclosed particulars relative to the seizure of the guns Such gross carelessness is inexcusable.

F. A. Hunt Co


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