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Untitled Document Lawrence, K. T. Jany 13th 1859

My Dear Sir,

We had a complete triumph over the “Jay-Hawkers” last night in the House on the bill to establish a special court to try Montgomery and his Freebooters. When they discovered that they would get beaten, they caved in to prevent a record of their votes as I apprehended. It was a long and bitter contest, but the shot was thrown in so thick and fast from our side that they got weaker & weaker at every round. There was great rejoicing over the result. The Bill will pass the Council without much if any opposition, and become a law I think tomorrow. Judge Ellmore is to hold the court. I will send you a copy as soon as it is passed. I send by this mail a copy of the House Journal, containing my special message which took them so by surprise that they could not stand up against it. You will find in the same, my correspondence with Brigadeer Genl Lane. They [bore?] Lane so about it that he kept out of their way to-day and the members say they will repeal the Military

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Bill of last session and send him & his militia kiting. I think they can do it now while the feeling is up, easy.

Say to sec. Thompson that I have heard nothing of Fain our Marshall yet. His deputy, Sheriff Walker tells me that he was going over into Missouri, then to Fort Scott to pay off some court costs, & then go to Washington and resign. This may be so far aught I know, for he has not written me a line, nor sent me any word.

A gentleman just in my room says that Jim Lane has been delivering a Temperance Lecture in the Methodist Church & denouncing murderers with great vehemence! It is reported that he has joined the Methodist Church, and become a Christian I suppose also.

Can you explain how the order came to be issued ordering back the Troops? What was the date of the order at the War Department?

Very Truly

S. Medary


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