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Untitled Document Messrs Hutchinson & Blood
Kansas C Committe

Gents: We have investigated the condition of M Burr family and found them destitute of either clothing or food, We would therefore advise that the children have two suits of clothing each,--that is two dresses each one pair of socks, one pair of shoes, and one Bonnit each, and something for under clothes, The old Lady, and old Gentleman is quite destitute also, Their soninlaws Wife is entirely destitute of dresses or shoes and her Husband is not any better We would therefore recommend that they be furnished with something also, We would advise that they have 100 lb flour, & meat in proportion. Coffee, Tea, & suggar also at your descretion,

P.S. There are 4 little Girls,

Oct 26th 1856.
Hickory Point
Your Resp
G. W. Bell
Mrs Nellelen


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