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Untitled Document To The Friends of Free Kansas in the States.

It affords us great pleasure to be able to state, that we have at length effected an arrangement with the National Kansas Committee, by which we can give full assurance that the future co-operation of our Committees can be relied upon, and that the fullest confidence is given to the entire arrangement.

Our Committee is fully organized into working sub committees and its ramifications extend to every district and precinct in the Territory. By this means, we become at once acquainted with the condition of our people, and have just the information that is indispensable to the equitable disbursement of money or supplies. We have also chosen a general business agent who is to give his entire attention to the interests of our Committee

We therefore request that all contibutions or donations intended for our people be immediately forwarded to the National Committee at Chicago. We recognize them as the proper channel for all Kansas aid, and we take this occasion to protest against and repudiate all agents in the States not endorsed by their or our committee, or your own State Committees

We would further request, that all persons who have contributed money for Kansas, should forthwith report to W. F. M. Arny Esq. of Chicago, the time when, amount, to whom, and for what purpose such money was paid. We insist, that this request should be rigidly complied with.

We beleive, that all money hereafter contributed for us

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will come directly to our Treasurer without loss or delay.

Our people are still in extreme want, and hundreds of families are entirely dependent upon your charities. Mr Arny, the general agent of the National Committee has just visited us and made himself fully acquainted with the sufferings of our people and we would confidently recommend whatever statements he may publish relative to our condition, to the public.

We would also in behalf of the sufferers in Kansas hereby respectfully express our thanks to our friends in the States for their generous contributions of money and clothing and provisions received through the general agt of N Com & by the train in charge of Col. Eldridge.


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