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Untitled Document Lawrence May 7 “/60

My Dearly loved Husband

Your letter long looked for & anxiously hoped for has come at last. Nearly a fortnight has passed away in the interval of silence & waiting – I could not help smile that you who have always advised me rather authoritatively to be careful to send my letters by the mail to secure their certain and quick arrival should have trusted yours in hands which carried it to Lecompton

I am glad you had so quick a trip – for car riding has few pleasures – am glad too you found Mr & Mrs S. situated so pleasantly. Home comforts go far towards making life desirable, to say nothing of their effect upon the health of body & mind – Were it not useless & hopeless I should often find myself pinning for such homes as the old states furnish – simple though they may be both in inner & outward adorning – Large roomy

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dwellings with trees, shrubs & flowers around them are almost a necessity to the healthful tone of one accustomed always to them. It is only the consciousness that the loss of them may bring this & greater good to some, makes me regard the sacrifice with a reconciled spirit –

I am sorry Mr Clark is so foolish as to spend needlessly & in an ostentatious manner, his money – I hope he will reserve enough to pay his debts – at least – those for which others are liable Mr Smith has written you that the office is to be sold the 1” of June to pay the Eldridge note – that the appraisal is only $15.00 – It seems hard to me to be obliged to sacrifice the building in this way. As I have thought more & more of the inconvenience of this house I had made up my mind that by another Spring you could furnish that building decently & we would live there – until you could build on the hill or

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we could go elsewhere. Much as I hate to have my time at the disposal of every Tom, Dick & Harry, male & female who chances to loiter & drop in I had thought this would be the end of the matter. The building & lot must have cost you three times as much as this forced sale will bring – It seems to me as though everything – property at Kansas City, at Quindaro & this were goving & nothing of it to pay what should be paid. I have tried in vain to find some way to avoid the sale & have made myself nearly ill over it – I only wish you were at home. I wish you would not sign – not again in this way, & would have no further dealings with Blood, Morrow, Eldridge etc – The weather has been unprecedentedly hot. Several days last week the mercury stood at 94. – showers fell around us – we saw the lightning- but we are deserted of Providence – It seems incredible, with the sky we

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see over us that it should not rain – The heat is terribly debilitating. I have the old pains in arms & ankles as last summer & fear the fever will come again – Mrs Emery is sick again. She is very frail. We did not go to any of the Concerts & heard nothing of them. The choris did a wonderful thing yesterday in singing a set piece of music immediately after the first prayer – Lizzie has a line from Mrs Eddy to day – She is in very great distress over the proposal of Dr. Lowry for the hand of her daughter – I found some beautiful silk at Kansas City & have made three neck ties for you – I could find no slippers for myself – Will you bring me a pair – no 11/2 with bows, or some little trimming on them. Parrott writes Kansas will not come in on account of the trouble at Charleston. I hope it may [xxx] such weary waiting for good fortune – Don’t be gone long – If Lossie were not here I should die – Mr Clark has sent us a long letter in reply to the Herald – It is flashy & not written in a pace, xxx or effective style. He wishes whenever Lane’s or Phillips names occur that they be printed in small letters

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“Muggins & Co” are not doing much business at present, but they are able to pay their compliments Smith has gone down to Pratts this morning to see what he knows of the treaty

He thought he ought to go – Do write often & come soon – shall we borrow the money to pay the b note? The Sheriff’s bill will add to the debt –

Yours lovingly S-


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