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Untitled Document Quindaro July 4 – 1859

My Dear S.

I was very glad to get yours of 30th ult. & also by Smith. We have as yet completed nothing by way of settlement but I am getting things arranged so as to bring matters to a close after a while & I think satisfactorily.

I shall have nothing to do with Eldredge & the bonds. If Stevens can do anything with them he may. I have no solicitude about the matter & shall enter into no controversy about them. I think railroad matters look very well for Quindaro & we are quite encouraged.

I think your feeling of want of usefulness would be in a measure removed if you did not isolate yourself from the human family with the exception of a few chosen friends who need no improving. If the people are as bad as you think it would seem that it is just the place for you to do good. You think some people aristocratic or exclusive but I know of no one more exclusive than yourself; I do not know whether your pride of character or circumstance or something else. For myself I am aware that I could find more leisure for reading etc etc in another part of the country but I am doubtful about it being right to shut myself out of all business & other connections just to gratify my desire for personal ease & happiness. At any rate it is utterly impossible to get out at present if I would & I have no inclination to brood over it. I have not written this in a complaining mood but I thought you were looking on the wrong side of things.

I do not know how soon I can go home. I should like very much to be free from

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here entirely but it seems necessary for me to remain for the present. I think matters progress much faster when I am here than when I am away although there is but little I can accomplish in any one day. I should be very happy if I could be with you all the time. When I am with you I am infinitely more happy than when I am away & I shall do all in my power to be at home all I can consistently with my duties here & elsewhere.

I have written this with an office full talking all the while & I will write more soon & I hope better.

S much love from your husband C


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