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Untitled Document Lawrence, Dec. 29/58
Dear Doctor –

This morning, by Mr. Clark, who is going to Washington with the Shawnees, I sent a letter & deed from you to Simpson for land in the “addition to Quindaro.” Enclosed you will find the date of the different “Powers of Attorney,” which you may need in the acknowledgement of the deed.

I also send the proceedings of our R. R. Convention and a copy of that portion of your letter which was published, You will notice that all you wrote is not published & something you did not, is. I trust the omissions and interpolations may be satisfactory.

Captains Brown & Montgomery continue their “reign of terror” in Linn and Bourbon Counties. Brown lately made a foray into Missouri with


his men, killed one man, released some six or eight slaves from bondage, mounted them on their masters horses and returned with them to his rendezvous within the Territory. The settlers throughout that region are deserting their homes and the country adjacent to the osage and marmaton fast becoming depopulated.

Gov. Medary sent Sheriff Walker down into that region to investigate matters and he has just returned. He confirms the tales of horror, before received, loudly condemns Montgomery and Brown and says that they cannot and ought not to be sustained.

He says Montgomery demands as his ultimatum, absolution, not only for all acts committed by himself and Band prior to Denver’s treaty, but for all committed since that time. Unless this can be granted, he is determined to continue the war. He says that the Missourians

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excited by the robber incursions of Brown have assembled in considerable numbers on the border and there await the action of their Gov. to whom they have sent a deputation. He also says, that, the men connected with Montgomery and Brown are some of them in favor of calling a Convention and organizing the “Republican Party”. He says that they regard Democrats with the same feelings as they do Pro-Slavery men and war upon them with the same ferocity.

We now see the evils committed by Walker, Thacher and the correspondents, in their laudation of Montgomery and his acts and in their denunciation of you for condemning him. Time, has not only vindicated your judgement and policy – but it has shown the weakness and criminal injustice of theirs.

Dr. Prentiss is conniving at some mischief. He was closeted with

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Emery this forenoon. Russell says that from what he can learn they intend impeaching the character of Clark and his testimony, proving that he was employed by P. as his counsel and afterwards permitted himself to be bribed by Tappan. I think Clark knows nothing of it. It is also thought that they are trying still further to impeach Doy.

It is said that Prentiss claims that he can have the case opened here again, should it go against him there, and that Tappan cannot should it go against him. I never knew a case in which there was so much of villainy. It rivals the darkest tales of fiction. I am astonished that Emery and others should for a fee, sell themselves to such debasing labor. Characters that stand fair in the community must by perjured scoundrels be impeached, in order that many secure a few dollars and an honest, poor, young man robbed of property to which they know he is justly entitled. I trust they may be defeated-

Truly Yrs –
Saml C-


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