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Untitled Document Boston. Oct. 19 58.

My dear Sir

I believe one or two yr letters remain unanswered. As to the College yr plan appears to be judicious: but it seems impossible that you shd do much toward carrying it out at this time, owing to the lack of money in Kansas & the loss of property here in the older States.

You probably recd a printed account of the finances of the Appleton College. In that the debt was put down at $5000 & remembering that one of the notes wh. you hold as Trustree has no Corporate seal on it, there seemed to be a design not to call it anything: tho. It seems to impossible that they should do that. My experience in Wisconsin has been so bad, that I am suspicious of everything that proceeds from there.

A word about politics. Circumstances transpired wh. threw upon me the responsibility of our buss’s. & this will continue perhaps permanently: so that any protracted absence will be impossible. Our Manufac. Int. is large & very much depressed & requires all the care possible to keep the breath of life in it at all. All this & my 7 child-

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en decided me to get off if possible. The opportunity came in being nominated for Gov. by the State Convention of the Amer. Party. They never notified me, & gave me no trouble, nor did I accept it till day before yesterday – a month after it was made. By standing in the gap, I shall keep the “Americans” – opponents to the Democracy, & ready to go into the Nat. movement in favor of the nominee of the opposition candidate in 1860. We must have all the opposition North & South, & we can have it, if we will be judicious.

The [Repub?] here do not see far: & tho. they do not abuse me for stand some of them think it is very strange. Of course Mr. Banks will be elected – two to one.

Please to give my regards to Mrs. Robinson & believe me
Yours very truly
Amos A Lawrence

Gov. Robinson
Kansas Ter
P. S. Mrs Burke is not as great a woman as was ever born.


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