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Untitled Document Galusha A. Grow
Washington, D. C.
Washington May 21 1858

My Dear Sir

Congress has passed as you will see by the papers the Conference juggle on Kansas

Now we hope to see the Free State men make their assertions good against Lecompton by as large a majority as it is possible for them to give

The Slavery men here are calculating to cheat Lecompton through either by directory voting or by fraudulent counting in the returns. And they pretend to

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believe that there is a majority on their side in the territory & say that this election on the Lecompton junior will show it. They are going to secure the passage of Lecompton by the vote if possible in order to fall back on that as a justification of their course. Unless they can do that they are utterly disgraced and must stand before the country as the supporters of the grosses frauds in trampling down the known

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will of the people.

Let Lecompton be repudiated by an overwhelming majority at an election that the administration fixes and the dough faces will be exterminated next fall

We shall have the next Congress beyond a doubt & the Democrats even conceed it. Then Kansas will be admitted if not before for the condition in English bill about population will not bind a future Congress in their action.

Am now in great haste

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& seize a single moment to appraise you of the designs of the Slave propagandists & to express a covert hope that our friends will persist no fraud or force to triumph over them again.

Write me as soon as you can find it convenient & let me know what are the prospects

Yours Truly etc
Galusha A Grow

Gov C. Robinson


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