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Untitled Document Lawrence, Kansas-
January 11 1858

Dear Doctor –

Yours of the 30th & 31st has been received. That of the 30th inst I thought it best not to publish, preferring to use it privately among our citizens, thinking thereby it would be more effective. In as much as Conway was laboring to prove that the citizens of Lawrence preferred the Leav. Constitution instead of the Grants, and that you were misrepresenting us, and unworthy to be trusted, I thought it desirable that you should be endorsed, and determined to use that letter for that object. I found that your letter to Mr. Ford has so prepared the way, that such a movement was made comparatively easy – He saw Prentiss and got his consent to yr endorsement- Haskell labored also and at the meeting of the Chamber to day, we were enabled to pass unanimously, resolutions authorizing you to act for us in relation to Rail Road matters – Emery was zealous in your behalf and contributed to the triumph- I saw Deitzler and read to him what Conway was doing and what others were doing- and demanded of him if he really was favorable to you, as he claimed, that he should aid me to crush out such unjust attempts to

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injure you. He stated he was willing so to do – and wished to take that part of your letter relating particularly to public matters and cause its publication in the Republican, in order to prepare the way for a reconciliation between you and them – I let him have it. Your letters have created the impression that Conway to secure his own advancement is willing to sacrifice the pecuniary interests of Kansas. As such he was denounced to day in the Chamber, and as such he is spoken of in the streets-

He will soon be driven to the necessity of making a public denial of the charges, as public opinion seems strongly tending against him.

Mr. Allen-(Lyman) proposes to amend all the Rail Road charters proposing to run up the valley or south from Leavenworth, so as to make the run through Lawrence. As no charter, it is said, after organization under it, can be altered without the consent of the corporation, his alterations cannot amount to much.

From remarks made to day in the chamber, I am convinced that if the poor devil thought they could not get appropriations for a Road through Lawrence, they would rather than have none, accept one for a Road touching on the north side.

In regard to the Bridge Charter,

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I have seen Babcock and Allen – Babcock is willing – Allen thinks that as there is nothing certain about your acceptance of it, and as they propose to amend it, it would not be best to surrender it at present. I will see what can be done, more definately tomorrow –

Lane, managed after three votes in one of the good Templars lodges to get an invitation to deliver a temperance address.

Today he has posters about streets stating that he will deliver an address on Thursday evening on the “Martyrs of Kansas,” at the Methodist church.

Within a few days he as Brigadier General of the Kansas Militia wrote to Gov. Medary offering his services as a Commissioner to proceed to Linn & Bourbon counties to settle the difficulties there existing – Yesterday he managed to cause the introduction into the House of a Resolution asking for any correspondence which may have passed between the Gov.and himself upon this point, which Resolution was adopted to day –

Larzalier, the Speaker, and nearly all the northern representatives seem to be in the villains favor. Should a proposition be made to appoint him as a commissioner to arrange a peace, as prospects now indicate, there will be as merry and fierce a debate as was ever listened to in Kansas – provided the courage

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of men does not ooze out of their fingers end-

Doubt is expressed concerning the possibility of any such Resolution passing the House and there is said to be no chance for it in the council. It is strange that old Vaughn should have aided Larzalier, who is truly & emphatically a Lane man in getting the Chair – and thus contributed to build the villain up.

A concurrent Resolution has passed authorizing the appointment of three Commissioners to aid the Judiciary Committees of each House to codify the laws. Lane is striving to be one of these.

Plumbe and Thacher were opposing candidates for public printer – Quite a merry little fight was the consequence. Thacher asked those who proposed voting for Plumb to vote for Brown instead, as Plumb in reality was Brown – This Plumb did not like, and he laughed heartily at Thacher for claiming support because he was more conservative than himself. Today the House elected Thacher – Plumb had a majority of votes pledged to him, but last night a caucus was held of men of Republican tendencies, whose test you know is that you must support Thacher for printer, and they decided that Plumb must walk the plank. You would be surprised at the ease with which the wooden

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heads in the Legislature are compelled to toe the mark by Conway, Thacher & co – We have from Leavenworth county two or three men who must have been made after nature had exhausted its power in the manufacture of brains.

Vaughn sticks by the guardian angel and father confessor of all of “Republicans tendencies.”
Gov. Medary ordered two companies of troops to proceed south to aid Sam Walker in arresting Montgomery & others

They proceeded as far as Ottawa Jones when a dispatch from Buchanan reached them ordering the troops back. Medary has now no power to call on the troops-

The subject of the troubles is placed in the hands of a special Committee of 7, on the part of the House, of wh Hon. J. Windy Wright, is Chairman.

I have settled with Duncan. The note was $232.50; the interest $46.50 – making the amount $279. Judge Smith is in the office with me. I made arrangements by consent of Shuler , with John E. Barrett, of Franklin to deliver the balance of the corn. – I think we shall take the cattle away from Raddin next week – Horses never looked better than now and there is a general rejoicing because the hens lay –

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Enclosed you will find the power of attorney of which you spoke – Will attend to the R. R. meeting. Chapin thought you took the certificate of shares of wh you spoke –

Truly Yours,
S. C. S.

Last night a “Republican tendency caucus” was held in which Lanes name was introduced as candidate for one of the codifying Committee. Branscombe pitched into it – told them that any party that sustained Lane ought to be d__d & he was willing to help to do so – Conway defended lane & justified his murder of Jenkins on the ground of self defence. Branscombe pitched in again, with such effect that lanes name was withdrawn – after Lane was crushed out, Conway sneaked to Branscombe and told him that he had done a noble work. This morning in the House, choice was to be made of the codifying commissiners, therefore Lane knowing that he would be defeated, sends in a written declination on the ground lack of time to perform the duties. Bill Hutchinson has been down south and reports all quiet there. Sam Walker told me that Hutchinson said that his, (Walkers) report, which you know was against Montgomery, is a lie. Walker is down on him – I told Walker, that he could now see how good it was to have his veracity questioned.


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