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Untitled Document Lawrence Sept. 13 1857
My Dear S.

Yours of 31st ult was rec’d last evening. I began to think you were not going to write at all but was hapily disappointed. I was very glad to hear from you but sorry to learn you are not well. I hope you will get better by rest & quiet. You spoke about keeping house etc. Since I received your letter I have been thinking that perhaps we had better keep house on the hill. I am having the house plastered throughout & I think I will have a cellar put under a part of it. It will be warm & comfortable with four rooms below. Mrs. Earl is now in it & wants it for the winter but she only wants to pay less than half what it will rent for & I prefer to occupy it myself. Can you not find a good woman or girl who can do all the work for a family of you & I & herself to bring back with you? If so we can live better, enjoy more & spend less than to board out. If we do that, keep house on the hill, I will put up a little barn, get some hay and keep a horse. Do you know Dear S. that I am tired of this turmoil & long intensely for a quiet place where I may love you & read & study without molestation. I am strongly tempted to spend my time in cultivating a part of my claim & have no other business except to buy & sell property & loan money if I have any to loan. With rents & interest as high as now I believe I can make as much that way as any. Just think of 5 per cent a month or 60 per cent a year for money - $600 for a thousand etc.
What is your plan for visiting & when will you

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return. Will you go east & if so when do you start? I should like to know whether you will be back this fall & whether you want me to have things ready for housekeeping. It is uncertain whether I go east this Fall. The money panic has put a stop to all railroad projects for the present.

I feel lonely when you are away & miss you more than you can imagine. I suppose I am not a very good husband when I am filled with all sorts of business, if at any time, but one thing is certain – my good wife has my heart, if she don’t at all times my mind and tongue. How much happiness her presence would give me this Sunday which I have all alone to myself. I am locked into my office & have shut out all the world save my wife.

Tomorrow I start south to speak on the stump a week or ten days & consequently shall not be able to write you till I return.

I have concluded to take the property of the Trust co. at $15,000.

Please write often & come home just as soon as you can feel that your visit is through – I shall be most happy to meet you any day –

Affectionately your own C
Love to Eliza & mother & family


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