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Untitled Document Topeka August 10 1856

Dr friends

I am here at last with a sufficient force & ready to serve you

It seems better if you can escape to do so & let me meet you with my defending force just outside your prison doors

It is necessary for me to remind you that time is all important – my whereabouts cannot long be concealed from the blood hounds who are seeking my blood.

Act promptly if you cannot escape I can & will attack prison guard altho it seems better policy if blood is to flow that it be shed in your defence rather than on your rescue – decided that quickness & timing is everything

To His Excellency C. Robinson
[xxx]State of Kansas
Geo. W. Smith Commissioner
Genl. Geo W. Deitzler
Geo W. Brown Esq
[xxx]John Brown & others
Free State Prisoners at Lecompton


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