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Untitled Document Washington March 19th

My Dear Sir

I enclose to you by request of Col Fremont a letter left by him previous to his departure from the city. If it embodies such sentiment as I have heard him express favorable to the interests of your friends in Kansas, and the Free State Cause, I think it would be expedient that it should have immediate publication among your people. Of that you can very safely judge for yourself = We are in expectation of being able to do

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something in Congress that will an effectual aid to Kansas. Our difficulties are numerous, and those we have to contend with are able and resolute. I think our friends, however, are their equals, and shall be disappointed if we are not able to accomplish much that will aid you.

We are in good spirits, and hopeful the Kansas question will meet its first decision in the House this week, and I think it will not be against us.

You will of course, have seen, that the name of Col Fremont

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is freely used in connection with the Presidency. We think he is a safe man, and that he can be elected. Opinion however is not yet fully formed, but, his prospects are improving daily. The sentiments of our friends in Kansas, will be well considered in the States, and weigh heavily in favor of any one, who, shall be supported by them.

We trust you will stand in the great fight for Freedom with unfailing steadfastness. Be assured the people will carry your cause through trustfully
Very Truly Yours
N. P. Banks
Gov. Robinson


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