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Untitled Document Boston. Jan. 31. 56.

My dear Sir

Presuming that you may be severely or slightly exercised in yr mind as to what course to pursue now that the Prest of the U. States has signified his intention to use what (brief) power he has, against you. I will only say that those who are your best friends would advise, & urge you, if their opinion was asked, not under any circumstances to resist any legal representative of the U. States, nor allow our people to do it. That wd put you in the wrong before the country & more than anything else take from you the nationality wh. you now hold. The Fabian policy is the true one, ie the greatest forbearance, total discouragement of all aggression: a deadly tho smiling quiet. This you must adopt, or rather you have only to keep on as you have done. You must gain time, & so strength.

I have taken the liberty to send to Mr Pierce as plain a letter as officers of State ever recieve: but [missing text] small hopes of doing any good. He is struck [missing text] blindness.
Yours truly
A A Lawrence
gen. Robinson


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