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Untitled Document Education - Article 7. Sec. 1st

Mr. Davis moved to insert "white" before "child"-

M. Wood to lay it on the table -

The yeas & nays being called resulted as follows -

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The yeas & nays being called resulted as follows, Yeas 44 Nays 36. - Those voting yea are F. G. Adams, H. I. Adams, Arny, Ashmore,- Austin, Bowker Branscomb, Curtis, Coffin, Douglas L. Fish, R. M. Fish - G. M. Fuller Fletcher Foster Griffith, Goodnow Humphrey Harvey Higgenbottom - Hattercheidt, Kinzie, Knapp - Monroe, McCulloch, Monteith, Newton, Pillsbury, Ross, Ritchie Root - Stewart, Shurtleff, Scudder Soule - Sheppard, Twombly -

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Thacher, Walden, Winchell Wood, Woodworth, Winans & Mr. President -

Those voting in the negative are - Allen, Baker, Butler Brown Barr, Beeler, Blake, Cook, Danford, Davis, T. Ewing - R. Ewing, Espy- Elliott Emery, Goodin, Hampson- Lynde Larzelere, Mc Causley, May, Mitchell, Mayo, Plumb, Pickering Perham, Reese, W.Y. Roberts, Robertson Swallow, Spriggs Torrey, Trower Todd, Webster & Williams -

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Mr. Harvey gave the following reason for voting yea - I vote yea because the children who are to be voters under this constitution will be deprived of the benefit of public schools entirely - and because no provision is made for the Education of coloured children in separate schools -

Mr. Woodworth gave the fol.reason - I vote yea because I wish the children of natives educated. Mr. Arny, offd. the fol. reason - I vote yea because it excludes

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Indian children, and because it is inconsistent with other parts of the constitution -

On motion took a recess until 7 1/2 o'clk this evening.


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