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Untitled Document Friday Afternoon Apr. 2nd 1858

Convention assembled at the appointed time - The President in the Chair,

Mr. T. Ewing offered the following -

"That after the first election upon this constitution, and officers under it, and untill the question of free suffrage shall have been fully settled by the people, the word male in this article shall be construed to mean white male"

On motion Laid on the table.

Mr. Wood then offered the following.

I move to strike out "male" wherever it occurs and insert after the word "he"

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the words "or she" and after the word "his" the words "or her" wherever the words occur - The yeas & nays being called resulted as follows -

Yeas F. G. Adams, Curtis, Coffin, R. M. Fish, Humphrey, Higgenbottom, Pillsbury, Ross, Ritchie, Reese, Swallow, Scudder, Soule, Sheppard, Thacher, Wood, Winans, Monteith, Winchell, Fletcher -

Those voting nay are as follows -

Anderson, Arney, Ashmore - Baker, Bowker, Branscomb Barr

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Beeler, Blake, Cook, Douglas T. Ewing Jr., Espy - L. Fish, Foster, Fleming, G. M. Fuller - Goodin, Griffith, Goodnow, Harvey Hatterscheidt, Johnson, Kenzie Knapp - Lynde - Lane - Lazelere, McCulloch, McCauslin May, Mitchell, Mayo, Root, W.Y. Roberts, Robertson, Spriggs Sheppard, Torrey, Telfer, Todd Webster Williams & Woodworth.

Mr. Winchell offered the fol. substitute to the first section as to the article on Elective franchise -

The qualified votes of the State shall consist of all persons over [the text ends here]


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