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Untitled Document Friday Oct. 26 1855.

Afternoon Session –

Convention met according to adjournment –

On motion of Mr. Smith of Franklin, the following Resolutions were adopted, accordingly referred:

Resolved. That the various Committees of the Convention, be and hereby are instructed to frame their work having in view an immediate organization of a State – Government. Resolved – That the above Resolution be referred to the Committee of the whole and made the special order for Monday next at 2 o’clock P. M.

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Friday afternoon Oct 26
On motion of Mr. Hunt of Lawrence, the motion of Mr. Roberts of Washington, concerning the Resolution of Mr Delahay – and the amendments thereto were taken from the Table. On motion of Mr. Emery of Lawrence, the vote whereby the amendment of Mr. Holliday of Topeka was passed, was reconsidered. The amendment of Mr. Holliday was then rejected. Mr. Hunt of Lawrence, moved to amend the motion of Roberts by striking out 10 o’clock and inserting 2 o’clock and the amendment was agreed to. The motion as amended was then adopted. On motion of Mr. Hunt of Lawrence, the following

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Friday afternoon Oct 26
Resolution was adopted, Resolved, That the Committee on printing be instructed to procure One Thousand copies of the “Weekly Kanzas Freeman” for the use of this Convention – Mr. Robinson, of Lawrence, moved the following Resolution – Resolved, That two Tellers be appointed to return the votes when a count is had. This Resolution was rejected. Mr. Schuyler of Council City, offered the following Resolution – Resolved, That when this Convention adjourns – it adjourns until Monday morning at 9 o’clock – This resolution was lost. On motion of Mr. Klotz of Pawnee, the report of the Committee on Printing was taken –

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Friday Oct 26 afternoon
From the Table – and adopted. On motion of Mr. Delahay of Leavenworth – the following Resolution was adopted. Resolved – That the Chairman of the Committee on public printing be and he is hereby authorized and required to enter into written contracts with the persons proposing to do the public printing for the Constitutional Convention, at the rates and prices named in the Report of said Committee. On motion of Mr. Parrott of Leavenworth, the Convention went into committee of the whole – to consider the special assignment for that time- being the Report of the Committee on Public Debt and public works –

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Friday afternoon Oct 26
On the rise of the Committee the Chairman reported that the committee had considered the subject and reported the same back without amendment – and recommended the same be adopted by the Convention. This Report was accepted, and on motion Mr. Parrott the Bill was laid on the Table. Mr. Hunt of Lawrence, moved the following Resolution, Resolved – That when the Convention adjourns, it adjourns until Monday next at 10 o’clock A.M. Mr. Cutler of Doniphan moved to amend by striking out all after the word until and insert 10 o’clock tomorrow.

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Friday - Oct 26
The amendment was rejected – The vote was then taken on the original motion and lost. On motion of Mr. Crosby of Ocena the Convention adjourned -


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