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Untitled Document Constitutional Convention
Topeka Wednesday Oct 24th. 55

Convention met pursuant to adjournment. The journal of yesterday was read.

Prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr Burgess.

On motion of Mr. Robinson of Lawrence the convention proceeded to the election of Secretary

The Chairman appointed Messrs Schuyler of Council City and Dodge of Leavenworth a committee to receive assort and count the votes for Secretary of the Convention.
The committee subsequently reported as follows

Whole number of votes 25
Necessary for a choice 13
Samuel C. Smith has 18
Charles A. Foster “ 7
The report was accepted – and Messrs Robinson Roberts & Cutler were appointed a committee to wait upon Mr. Smith and inform him of his election.

On motion on Mr Holliday of Topeka, the Convention elected Mr. Chas A. Foster as assistant Secretary. Mr. Robinson of Lawrence, moved that the temporary President swear the Secretary’s of the convention, to the faithful discharge of their duties. On motion of Mr Delahay of Leavenworth, the following Resolution, was adopted as a substitute to the motion of Mr Robinson, of Lawrence.
Resolved, That the President, be, and he is hereby authorized, empowered and requested, to proceed,

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to administer all oaths necessary to perfect the organization of the Convention.

On motion of Mr. Delahay, of Leavenworth, the Convention proceeded to the choice of President.

The same committee that was previously appointed, were empowered to receive, assort and count the votes for President

The Committee reported as follows, viz

Whole number of votes 26
Number necessary for a choice 14
James H. Lane has 17
W. Y. Roberts has 5
J. A. Wakefield has 4

The report of the Committee was accepted, and Messrs. Delahay, Hunt and Goodin appointed as a committee to conduct the President to the chair.

The President having been conducted to the chair, on motion of Mr. Curtiss of Bloomington, Mr. J. A. Wakefield of Bloomington was directed to administer the oath of Office to him.

The President then administered the oath to the members of the convention present.

On motion of Mr. Klotz of Pawnee, Loring Farnsworth, was appointed Sergant at Arms, to the convention. On motion of Mr. Holliday, of Topeka, Timothy McIntyre was appointed Doorkeeper to the convention. On motion of Mr. Schuyler, of Council City, Rev. H. B. Burgess was appointed Chaplain of the convention. The following Resolution was offered by Mr. Parrott of Leavenworth-

Resolved, That when the Convention adjourns it shall be till 10 o’clock A. M. and when it takes a recess – it shall be till 3 o’clock P.M.

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Mr. Robinson of Lawrence, moved to amend by inserting 9 o’clock in place of 10, and 2 o’clock in place of 3.

Mr. Roberts, of Washington, moved to amend by substituting the following – That when this Convention adjourns, it adjourn to meet, at 9o’clock A. M. until otherwise ordered.

The question was taken upon the amendment of Mr. Roberts, and it was lost.

The question was then taken upon Mr. Robinson, and it was carried.

The Resolution as amended was then adopted. On motion of Mr. Goodin, of Blanton, Mr. Samuel F. Tappan was recognized as Reporter for the Herald of Freedom newspaper, published at Lawrence. On motion of Mr. Schuyler, of Council City, Mr. John Speer was recognised as reporter for the “Kansas Tribune”. On motion of Mr. Smith of Lawrence, Mr. E.C.K.Garvey was recognised as reporter for the Kansas Freeman, On motion of Mr. Smith of Lawrence, Messrs. Smith, Robinson and Roberts, were appointed a Committee upon Rules for the government of the Convention, Mr. Parrott, of Leavenworth, offered the following resolution which was adopted.

Resolved, That Sixteen Committees, consisting of five members each, be appointed by the President, to which shall be referred respectively, such matters hereinafter designated, as may be appropriate, and that the said Committees be requested to report from time to time as they progress.

1st a committee on Legislative Department
2d “ Executive
3d “ Judicial
4th “ Apportionment

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5th “ Elective Franchise
6th “ Corporations other than Banking
7th “ Banking and Currency
8th “ Future Amendments to the Constitution
9th “ Public Debt and Public Works
10th “ Education
11th “ Militia
12th “ Finance and Taxation
13th “ Public Institutions
14th “ Preamble and Bill of Rights
15th “ Jurisprudence
16th “ Miscellaneous Business

On motion of Mr. Holliday, of Topeka, a committee on printing was added to the list of Standing Committees.

Moved by Mr. Holliday of Topeka that a committee on the division of the Territory into Counties and Townships and a committee on the location of the Capitol, be added to the list of Standing Committees. On motion of Mr. Robinson, of Lawrence, the question was divided; that part of the motion in relation to the division of the Territory into Counties and Townships, was rejected, and the part providing a committee on the location of the Capitol, passed. Mr. Wakefield of Bloomington, submitted the following Resolution.

Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed to report to this convention what business properly comes before it, for its action.

On motion of Mr. Goodin of Blanton, the Resolution was laid upon the Table.

The Convention then adjourned.


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