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Untitled Document June 13, 1857

Memorandum of agreement made this 13th day of June A.D. 1857. Between Alfred Gray of Quindaro Kansas Territory -- and Fredrico Klaus of the same place. Witnesseth That said Gray for the Consideration hereinafter & expressed, agrees to sell transfer & Set-over, unto said Klaus when said Klaus performs the requirements & conditions hereinafter expressed, all his rights title and interest in & to Lot Number 77 on the Levee in Quindaro Kansas Territory, it being the same lot which is known as the "Todd Lot" & also agrees to have the same transferred to Said Klaus on the Books of the Quindaro Company

In consideration of the above, said Klaus hereby agrees to pay to Said Gray the Sum of Eleven Hundred Dollars, in manner-following, to wit: one hundred Dollars in Six Months from the date hereof, for which Said Klaus agrees to give Said Gray his promissory note payable in Six Months from the date hereof - and the balance of One Thousand Dollars to be paid in Mason Work labor & Materials for building in Quindaro or the addition to Quindaro on the South recently Surveyed and laid out by C.B. Ellis Esq. at & for the following rates & prices, to wit: Concrete Stone Mason Work with Cut Sand Stone Corners including all materials at three Dollars per perch. All Cut Sand Stone Window and Door caps & Sills, & Water Tables which Said Gray shall want – to be furnished and laid up in the walls for One Dollar & Seventy five Cent per lineal foot - Said work, labor & materials to be performed & furnished by the first day of September 1857. The walls which Said Klaus shall build by virtue of this agreement -- to be of such thickness as said Gray shall designate, but whatever the thickness, they are to be called Eighteen inch walls, more or less, in making the estimate of the number

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of [xxx] which the walls shall contain & paid for accordingly - Said Klaus to take Said lot - Subject to all Conditions for building or improving which the Quindaro Company have against it. Said Gray within a reasonable time and before Said Klaus does any work under & by virtue of this agreement, to deliver to Said Klaus a design or plan of the building which Said Gray Shall desire to have erected by Said Klaus, to the end that Said Klaus may commence his work understanding by which design or plan Said Klaus agrees [xxx] to & be guided by. All the materials to be of good quality & the labor performed in a good workmanlike manner -

Alfred Gray
F. Klaus

In the Presence of
Francis [x] Browne


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