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Sab. Eve. Sept. 10. 1854. I have spent this day also in Lafayette. On last Sabbath I did not know wether I should spend to day in this place or not; but gave encouragement that if I did I would preach. I have so done, and now expect to preach no more in this place, or to this people forever. My expectation now is to go as a Missionary of the A. M. A. to Kansas. I can but feel that the hand of the Lord is visibly in it. He gave me I think a desire to go – gave my wife the same – opened up the way – has removed one obstacle after another, so that duty appears plain. As to what is to be met with – I expect trials. But where shall I go that I shall not find them? Indeed, they are part of our inheritance in this world as saints if we are faithful.

If God go with us, I feel that we have nothing to fear. If he go not with us, I wish not to go, hope he may in some way prevent our going.

But this people I must meet at the judgment. O that they may all be found on the right hand of the Judge. I sometimes fear that the blood of some may be found on my garments. God grant that may all yet be brought to the foot of the cross.

Since services this afternoon I have read some two or three chapters in the Memoir of Claudius Buchanan Have been much interested & I think profited by his persevering faithfulness & self-denial. Few men have his zeal & energitic piety. God grant that many more such may be raised up.

I feel this eve like beginning my life anew. I can but believe that God has a work for me to do in this world. Wherever it is, or whatever it may be, I want to find it & be about it.

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Sabbath – April 22nd 1855.

Monday Ap – 23 - /55 - Spent a portion of to day in reading – the remainder in sundry miscellaneous duties. In the evening three Nephews of Mrs. A – arived here from Ohio by way of Ill. we were happy to see them & to learn of their welfare.

Tues. Ap. 24. Spent most of the forenoon with the relatives just arived. In the afternoon made tour over the Potawatomie & on my return called on Mrs. Green. Found her very low with consumption. She was able to speak only in a whisper. Told of her willingness to die – her desire to live was for the sake of her husband or children. Was anxious to have meeting appointed there – she wished to hear the gospel preached, has been for some years a professor of religion – her husband is not.
Wednesday Ap. 25. This afternoon tried building stone fence. Succeeded full as well as I expected.
26. Spent most of the day trying to find a plow to break up some prairie – did not succeed. Made an appointment at Mr. Howsers to preach next Sunday A. M.
27. Visited Mrs. Green to day – found her still failing. Conversed & prayed with her. Made an appoint

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ment to preach there next Sab. P. M.

29. Sab – Preached at Mr. Housers – a small but attentive congregation. P. M. preached at Mr. Greens. Mrs. G gave good attention – was evidently much interested. In the eve prayer meeting at our house.
30. Went with Frederick Brown about 10 miles to the place his brothers have selected & laid claims.
May 1. Some rain – slept in the wagon last night. This morn returned home. A fine rain to day.
2. Engaged in planting part of the day. Ground in good condition.
3. Preparing ground & planting to day also -
Recd two letters – one from Rev. S. S. J. containg $100.00 Dollars. His letter was interesting & sympathetic. Also a letter from E. Chapin Whittlesey O. Much news.
Frederick Brown came – recd no intelligence of his brothers John & Jason who are expected on here with their families. We hear the cholera is on some of the boats on the Missouri river.
4. Wrote a letter to Rev. S. S. Jocelyn. – visited Mrs. Green. She is still failing. conversed & prayed with her. Visited also at Mr. Chestnuts. Heard to day that the Missourians had destroyed the Parkville Seminary press, and also threatened the presses at Lawrence. They have threat the American Hotel at Kansas City. I hear also that a Missourian has been shot at Fort Leavenworth by a Yankey. A crisis with the pro slavery people seems to be rapidly approaching.

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Aug. 13. /55. Monday eve. Another death to day. Mr. Rose, a Scotchman. He had been sick a little more than a week – was first taken with the fever, afterward with the inflamation on the brain. He has been a professor of religion, a member of a Congregational Church. Seemed to think he should not recover when Bro. Finch saw him on Friday last. He leaves a wife and brother here to mourn his loss; neither of whom know anything of experimental religion.
Thus one after another are rapidly passing away to meet our Judge. How important that I be ready!
Many are now sick, and the number seems to be daily on the increase.
14. Mrs. A. has a hard turn of sick-head-ache to day. Emma complains some of headache & backache. Bro. Finch called this eve – he had been visiting the sick – found many sick – Bro. Fairchild he considered dangerous. They were all sick, & much in need of things to make them comfortable, as their goods had not yet arived from the East.
15. To day has been a very wet day. But little going about. – ground is soaked.
16. Went this afternoon to the Potawatomie, intending to go over & visit the sick on the other side, but found it too full to cross with my buggee. - called at Mr. Chestnut’s – found him sick also. - the rest of the family who had been sick – better.- visited Mr. Avery’s – all sick abed but one boy.
- Talked & prayed – brought some water & wood etc-
17. Wrote a long letter to Bro. S. S. Jocelyn N. Y.
18. Visited Bro. Fairchild & family – all sick – hoped they were on the gain – helped to get them some wood – prayed, talked; left & called at Mr. Hitchens – all sick – but so as to be about. - received a letter from Sis. M. Wallace, also one from Sis. M. Davis. Answered both this eve.
19. Sabbath. Preached at bro. Chronkhite’s – a number present – solemn. Many sick – no prayer meeting at 5 ock.

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After dark, Frederick brown came – a Mr. Green from Mt. Vernon O. who was living 4 miles above them died – billious fever today – came to get a coffin made. He was a young, man recently married-
20. Visited at Mr. Averys – all better – called at Mr. Chestnut’s also – Mr. C. sick – fever – rest better. Called at Mr. Chronkhite’s & Mr. Carr’s. Some sick; but none very bad. P. M. vis- Mr. White’s – Have been quite sick – but none better. At Mr. Roser’s Mr. & Mrs. R. better – Mr. Handy – taken with ague. Charles went with Freder-B. to take coffin-.
21. Vis – Bro. Fairchild – carried some provis – Bro F. has had an elapse – but some of his symptoms more favorable again. Mr. Tory had gone to his claim yesterday – not returned yet – some search had been made. I went in search – spent some hours. It rained hard – grass very high – got very wet – did not find him. Came to Mr. Gerr’s – started Messers Yelton & Fenner.
22. Bro. Finch – Geo. Ferris, & - Quick went in search of Mr. Tory – did not find him – P. M. Heard of Mr. Tory - had been lost – lay out two nights – found his way to Mitchell creek. I went – found him & brought him back.
23. Took Mr. T. to Bro. Fairchild’s – found them better. Went to Mr. Roses – brought the widow home with me to stay a week or two until she shall get better. She feels the loss of her husband much. He has been dead about 10 days. P. M. spent in labor.
24. Received some five letters to day. P. M. started on a tour up the Potawatomie-
25. Spent last night at Mr. Grants – some of them have been sick – better now. Breakfasted at Mr. Partridges. – Went on up the river – called at Myers, Brown’s – Williams’, found many sick. At 4 oclok P. M. reached Austins – found a small congregation awaiting me. – preached from James 4:17 – appeared interested,

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desired me to come again. Made an appointment for Sab. 2 weeks from tomorrow.

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Sep. 3rd /58 Spent most of the day at labor cutting up corn. Corn very heavy – Far beyond any thing we have raised before since we came here. O that we could be thankful as we ought for the abundance of good things to eat & drink which God has given us!
Had quite an interested and animated conversation this morning with Capt. B. & Mr. Ka – in relation to the differed constitutional character and peculiarities of men – courage – fear – [xxx]

This eve – late – called upon by Yeoman to visit Mrs. Hunt – supposed to be dying – [xxx] – she was unconscious, & her eyes set, when I arrived – prayed with Mr. H. & those present. She died a little after ten oclock. I did not learn that she had ever made a profession of religion, was an amiable woman & had been engaged most of the summer as Sab. School teacher in the School at Indianapolis. She leaves a young babe, a few days old – her first child. Mr. H. seemed to feel his affliction deeply-
Sep 4th – Saturday – studied some-went to Bro Risings and spent the night
5. Sab. Preached a funeral discourse – funeral of a Mr. Dart, who was drowned trying to cross the North fork of the Pottawatomie, attend the election some weeks since. Meeting was held in a building erected for a store on the town site near Dr. Blunt. A goodly number present. Preached from Amos 4:12, “perpare to meet thy God.” Audience solemn.
In the afternoon preached at Lane City – only a few persons present. – called at Bro. Rising’s after meeting & spent a short time – then returned home-
6. Monday – Labored most of the day stripping the blads from the sugar corn, or sorgum.
7. Visited at Bro. Caruth’s & Bro. Harrison’s. Found them sick at both places.-

[Page 40]

Wednesday. A rainy day. Wrote to Rev. S. D. Storrs, Quindaro. Studied some.
9. Prepared a sermon & attended the funeral of Mr. Hamilton, a young man who has been living some time in Osawatomie. He had no relatives here. A brother & sister having recently left to return East.

[Page 43]

Jan. 2nd 1860. Yesterday was Sabbath, communion season at Osawatomie, a cold day & but few of the members of the ch. present.
Bro. Carruth, Bro Lapsley & wife, sisters Brown, Crane, Hedges, Winchester & Bro. & sister [xxx] who were today receivd into the church. Preached from Luke 22:42. A tolerable full room & apparently good attention.To day made out a quarterly report to the [xxx] Also attended a funeral of Cavert’s infant child – a son, about 3 weeks old.-
This eve – reading memoir of Dr. [xxx], last chap, of the first volumn-

[Page 45]

January 1st, 1861. This has been a very pleasant day, clear & comfortably warm. Made my Quarterly Report to the [xxx]. Received a letter from Charles who has been attending school in Hudson Ohio. Rockwell Brown, who is here, also recd. a letter from him. His is enjoying a vacation of two weeks. Thinks he shall returned to Kansas in April. Mrs. A. was still in Hudson.
This eve – went to Caverts & married David H. Suckey & Mary S. Road. A ball at “Fisher’s” – a crowd collecting.
I feel myself to renew my consecration to God, & endeavor by his grace assisting me to do more for the spiritual good of this people than heretofore. I feel great need of a more experimental acquaintance with the gospel myself.
2nd Rather cold & cloudy today – spent most of the day at work fixing dam for fish trap, & halling stone into crossing in the river. In the eve, recd a letter from Rev R. Paine, Hampden K. T. notifying me of a proposed meeting to organize a Ministers Association.
3rd Spent much of the forenoon in reading com. – commentary on Eccl. 3 & found it very profitable. Afternoon – preparing accounts for annual Report of Trustees of Cong. Soc. - I trust the day has not been spent in vain.
4th The forenoon in study – Afternoon & evening chiefly in writing & reading. Papers bring accounts of the secession of S.Carolina. _ of great frauds by a Cabinet officer – Floyd.
5. Spent most of the day reading & studying. Was awake much last night – thought much about my wife who has been long absent on a visit to her relatives. Expected her back in the fall; but she did not come. I have suffered much on her account.

[ Page 46]
Sunday eve. Jan. 6. /61. Rose this morn at 5 oclock prepared and started before day light for Mt. Gilead: reached there at half past ten oclock. Found a larger congregation assembled than I expected – larger than usual though not large. Text. “God requireth the past.” Had considerable freedom in speaking – not so much in the first prayer. In the main good attention. A few appeared to feel quite deeply the force of some of the truths presented. At two oclock, preached at the school house 4 miles this side of Mt G. An attentive audience here – some solemnity – Spoke from the same text. After meeting started for house. called at Bro. Risings & spent a few moments.
Heard today that Mr. Blanden died week before last. Also that a child died last week over on the calafornia road. Also that Mr. Durham, a Quaker, died this morning – heard also that Sister Bates had been very dangerously sick, but was getting better - For many months past there has been but little sickness, & but few deaths in this part of Kansas. But God seems again to visiting the peoples O that I & every one else might so live that we shall be prepared for death at any time!
The day has been very windy – wind from the S. W. – This eve, less wind & from the N. W. reached house at 71/2 oclock. Rockwell Brown read H. W. Beecher’s sermon on Consolation Now after ten oclock. All abed & asleep except myself.
Monday eve. Jan. 7th. Spent the forenoon principly reading the Bible & commentaries. Afternoon engaged on Annual report of Trustees of Cong. Society. Bro. O. C. B. called & spent sometime. This eve engaged on Report. The weather has been quite warm & pleasant.
In the forenoon rather weighed down in spirit – my thoughts were for a time much on my wife; but, reading of the scriptures & prayer relieved me much.
Tuesday. 8th. Quite unwell today. Attended the annual meeting of the Cong. Soc. 1 day. Met at Roscoe’s – Roscoe joined. More seemed more encouraged about the house of worship than heretofore. Recd – a letter from H. N. Haight, & Emma Howe today. Also a notice 2 barrells at Atchison for me. Sent by Express. Gave an order to Mr. Benjamin Bell for them. Know not whence they came -

[Page 47]

Jan 9. A very pleasant day. – cut purline plates for the meeting house to day. - Felt quite dull & sleepy.
Bro. O. C. B. came – we went, cut & halled, 4 logs to make purline plates for meeting house. Recd – a letter from Mrs. A. One from Mrs Lewis Tappan N. Y. Two barrels had been sent by the Ladies of Mr. Beechers church, to my care, or for me to disburse among the destitute. – Emma recd a letter from Charles –
10. Thurs - At work most of the day. Butcherd a pig – it sucked the cow. – built pen for pigs. – made cow racks – or places for four. To night wrote a letter to my wife – a very pleasant day.
11. Friday. Spent most of the day at home studying. Rockwell & others away getting sand out of the river for the meeting house Emma went to Bro. Risings this afternoon.
Recd – this eve two letters, one from Bro. Joclyn, & one from wife –
12. Preparitory lecture & annual church meeting to day. Only 7 of the members present. Bro. Day & wife – Carruth & wife. O. C. B. Mrs. Crane, & Mrs. Rising. Elected deacons to day. It has never been done before in this church.
13. Sabbath – Sunday School this morn. A lowery drizzly day, not many present. Preached from Is. 26:4. Had some fredom at times, but was not clear, definite & ready as I felt I ought to have been. Communion after Sermon.-
In the eve Mrs Day read H. W. B. sermon in the Independent.
14. Spent most of the day writing letters. In the eve reading –
15. A wet snowy day. Exciting news from Charleston – rumor says – war has commenced. Called at A. UpDegraph’s – pd. off note (25.00)
16. This morning we were much startled at the news of Mrs. Chestnuts death. She died day before yesterday, lung fever, & we had not heard that she had been sick. I attended the funeral, a large collection – read [xxx] Ps. & made remarks & prayers. Children seemed to take the death of their mother very hard. This eve have written a long letter to my wife.

[Page 48]

20. Sabbath. Started at 5 oclock A. M. – Emma with me -. Considerable snow – road not broken – 5 hours in going to Mt. Gilead. Preached – returned 4 miles – preached - & reached home about an hour after dark.
22. Went some 8 miles – Emma with me – to Reed’s S. House. – preached – it rained – was uncomfortable – went to Mr. Days’s. – Mr. D. sick with lung fever – spent the night.
23. Cold & snowing – came home – called at Mr. Bate’s & spent some 2 hours.
25. – wrote a letter to my wife.
27. Sabbath – last night was called up to go & help lay out Mr. Sanburgher – brother-in-law to H. H. Williams. Has been sick – consumption – for some time, was worse for a day or two, but not thought in immediate danger. – Died very suddenly. This is the third time I have been called to go in the night to that house to assist in laying out persons who had died. Mr. Carr. Feb. 21 /59, Mr. Hedges’ May 5th /59. Thus death comes near - & strikes its victims suddenly. Preached today at Osawatomie, & a Mrs. Martins – a crowded house at the latter place.
28. To day attended the funeral of Mr. Sanburgher & preached – not a large congregation – Wrote to my wife:
Feb 2. Rode to Mt Gilead. – A very cold day – no meeting – went to Bro Wadsworths
3. Sabbath – cold – room very uncomfortable preached – only 2 of our ch. members there. Day for communion, but it was defered – Went to Mr. Stoells, eat dinner, -came home in the afternoon – not quite so cold as in the morn.
4. Monday – recd – 2 sacks Wheat, 2 of corn, & 1 of beans, per Benj Bell, probably sent by my old Friend Jesse Dickenson –Read in the papers to day that Kansas is admitted into the Union – now a State.
5. Studied some in the forenoon. Afternoon Mr. O. C. B & Mr. A com came. Made a contract for the carpenter work on meeting house. – to be done for $300.00.
6. Mr. Brown stayed here over night – also Mrs. [xxx [xxx]. Thawing to day. Wrote a letter to Sister Sarah Dick to night.
7. It turned cold this morn – a very cold day. Went to Mr. H. H. Williams & spent the evening.


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