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Untitled Document Leavenworth Kansas May 19, 1860.

Dear John –
The causes for divorce of husband from wife in Kansas are about the same as the causes in Ohio 1. Impotency at date of marriage – 2d. Other husband living at same date. 3d. Adultery. 4th. Desertion & absence without reasonable cause for one year. 5th. Becoming addicted to habitual drunkenness since marriage. No “other reasonable causes” nor expression to that effect. But Judge Pettit of Indiana is presiding over our court and when on the bench in that state he used to grant divorces in all cases in which the party applying could prove “crooked toes, or cold feet!”

If the Dr. had come to Kansas during the session of our last legislature he would only have had to mention his wishes to a member on first introduction, & he would have had his bill through in 24 hours. If we are not admitted, he had better come out next winter. But as our new

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State Constitution prohibits the legislature granting divorces, and as our law leaves but little room for Pettit to exercise his discretion on the subject, Kansas can afford the Dr. no unusual facilities except in the Territorial Legislature.

Yours truly
Thomas Ewing Jr

John J. Brasee Esq
Lancaster Ohio


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