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Untitled Document Leavenworth, Kansas,
Feb 23d. 1860.

Dear Vernon.

I desire to find and purchase the books named in the list on the next leaf, and shall be greatly obliged if you will look them up for me if your time will permit, and send them to me in one package, by express. There is a second hand book store & stand on the corner of Nassau & Fulton Sts. where I have seen many of these books, some of which are now out of print and difficult to find in the Broadway book stores. At Samuel Boughtons, ½ square out of Broadway on Walker Street, there is perhaps a better collection of old books than at the other stores. Please buy as far as the enclosed draft for $25 will go, commencing at the top of the list & going down—and attend to the matter at once if you can. I will pay express charges here.

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I am quite busy at the law now-a-days, & paying no attention whatever to local politics, & but little to general. I am gratified to know that the Republican leaders are not so extensively engaged in preaching the irrepressible conflict as before John Browns day – and to believe that they will give us a leader in the Presidential contest at least as moderate in his views as Abraham Lincoln, & possibly as Edward Bates – either of whom you & I could heartily support.

I should be glad to see you and Ned Bright this winter again, & have as pleasant a visit as last – I often think of you both & wish you the abundant success you deserve – Let me hear from you – and excuse the trouble I put you to by my request on account of old fellowship, which alone leads me to ask the favor.

Thomas Ewing Jr

Thomas Vernon Esq

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Colters exploration of Rio Gila Capt. [xxx] & Wilkes
Cooks explorations
In English
1. Greggs Commerce of the Prairies
2. Lewis and Clarkes Expedition 1802 –5
3. Lt. Pikes Expedition to head of Arkansas
4. Purchas’ Pilgrims (Republished)
5. Wislizenus acct of N. Mexico 1841-7
6. Longs Expedition to Rocky Mountains 1822-23
7. Father Escalentes journey to Salt Lake 1765-77
8. Spanish Expeditions to Kansas river, Platte & Arkansas 1715-1745
9. monettes Mississippi Valley
In French & Spanish
10. Vasquez de Coronado, Expedition to Cibola New Mexico 1540-43, old – Spanish
11. Cabeca de Vaca Explorations 1541-3
12. [Baltiamis?] Voyage to New Mexico
In short, get any books in English not on the list, or if not enough in English to exhaust the fund then take balance out in French or Spanish books, giving accounts of the early explorations of the country between Mississippi and to Pacific, including [xxx] Mexico.


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