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Untitled Document Osawatomie K. T.
Aug. 14th /56
Mrs. H. L. Hibbard,
Pres. Woman’s Kansas Aid & Liberty Association, Chicago, Ill,

My Dear Friend,

Your note of 3rd inst – also a copy of the Constitution & By Laws of your Association were received the last mail. I will gladly from time to time communicate any facts which may come to my knowledge that will be of service to you in your truly benevolent & christian work. Time will not permit me to say much by the present or first mail. Names of ladies qualified & willing to correspond as you request, I will send you as soon as I shall have time to see them & obtain their consent thus to engage.

Many of the emigrants who came here last & this Spring are sick., - Some are in very destitute circumstances. We learn from the papers that efforts are being made in the free States to aid the suffering & needy in Kansas. As yet almost nothing has to my knowledge been received in this vicinity. But the hope stimulates many. Some who have enough for themselves are using up their funds in sustaining those who are destitute in hope it will

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be refunded before they themselves shall become destitute. It is indeed a trying time, a few free State men are leaving; but I think three times as many pro-slavery men leave as free state men.

A company of Georgians & others came a few weeks since & camped near our town – some 4 miles off – They soon commenced running off the horses of free State men into Missouri. In the space of [xxx] days eighteen were missing – 14 from free state men, & 4 from Indians – nine were seen at one time in their possession, all having taken in one night. Cattle were slautered by them – etc-

A company of free collected to rout them – they got word of it – left carrying off what they considered most valuable as far as they could – horses & guns were all taken with them. In their block house, or fort, was found several hundred dollars worth of ready made clothing, jewelry and other articles which had probably all, or nearly all been taken when Lawrence was sacked. Some provision & groceries were left by them. They went to Missouri, & now for four days rumors are constantly reaching us that a large force is coming to sack & burn our place. If they can find the people here of their guard, or if they can get a large enough force, I have no doubt they will try it.

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We shall try & do our duty, & leave the event with God. Hoping to be able to write you next week, & praying Heavens richest blessings both here & hereafter may rest upon you & your Co – laborers in your truly benevolent & christian work, I close. Very respectfully
S. L. Adair
Mrs. H. L. Hibbard
Pres. W. K. A. L. Ass.


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