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Untitled Document Osawatomie K. T.

Ladies Circle So. Hadley Falls Mass,

Beloved Sisters, your benefaction is received. In behalf of the Church I address. Accept of our unfeigned thanks. All came in good condition. It seems too rich a service for our poor church. We would have felt happier with one of half the cost; & had some sister church enjoy one too. But you have used your judgment, & done what you thought best. The Lord reward you. When we look at that fount, Plate, & those cups, (bright & clean), our prayer is that every one of you may be washed, & clad in white robes, & be permitted to eat bread, & drink wine new in the Kingdom of God. You have not only our sincer thanks, but also our earnest prayers, and shall we not have yours? We cannot doubt but that we have them. You would not make such a donation & not accompany it with your prayers, Then our prayers are mutual. May they, offered in child-like faith, & in Jesus’ name, avail much.

The ($7.00) seven dollars sent some time

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ago by Bro. Knight, came safe, & met the entire freight of the box books & all from Boston to Osawatomie wanting fifteen cents.

We have had much sickness here during the latter part of the summer & fall. We have also had an unusual amount of rain, & very high waters much of the time for several weeks past. Hard times & sickness have retarded operation on our meeting house: but we hope to have it completed some time during the next year. We expect a number to unite with our church soon – principly persons who have recently emigrated into the territory. There is much infidelity & irreligion in our place. But upon the whole we think there is a searching influence of the Holy Spirit among the professed people of God, & a seriousness more marked, on the minds of some who have never made any profession of religion. May the Lord increase our faith a thousand fold, & pour his blessings down. Evil influences have long prevailed in Kansas. May God’s time of Mercy soon come. We rejoice in the accounts of revivals in the Eastern cities. May those revivals continue & increas until the Millenium moon shine upon us all.


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