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Untitled Document Leavenworth July 27, 1859

Dear Hugh.

The pastor of the German Catholic Church here claims the execution of a promise made by us to him to give him a lot to aid his new building. He wants to get up a raffle for it, & thinks he can make it yield several hundred dolls.-- If you agree, I will deed to them my South Leavenworth lot, or one of my lots in the Central, you making up in trade your half of the lot when we trade for your interest in the eight acres – or you may make deed to them & send it to Bishop Miege or myself for delivery (leaving name of grantee blank) and I will make up my half of it to you in trade. Please attend to this matter as soon as you can, as they wish to have the raffle soon.

We were all delighted to hear of the birth of Miss Blanche or Miss Edith, by whichever name she may hereafter be known,

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and Ellen, Theresa & Fanny join me in congratulations to the parents of the young lady and in the warmest hopes that she has a long and happy life before her.

As many enquiries are made for you here, I would be glad to know when you will be out in Kansas & for how long a stay.

The political waters are in motion still – Denman is regarded as the coming man for the office of Governor among the Democracy – Halderman, & Johnson stand about an even chance for the nomination as delegates, but I think Mitchell of Linn County stands a better. Davis is thought not to be as strong as either of the others. Parrott stands a fair chance for nomination, but I think that the Convention will fall back on some one else – probably Dr. Danford of Linn County who is a good man. I could get the nomination readily but wd. not have it. I feel strongly inclined to take the place on our ticket of Chief Justice of Supreme Court, which is to be for 6 years, if I can get it without log rolling

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—and I feel sure the place wd. be accorded me without any considerable opposition.

I think now that I overstated the case as to the Republican party in Leavenworth—it is probably a minority party here in the County by about 200 – and in the City it wd. hardly stand more than even. The new Constitution will be unpopular in this County & lose us many votes – not so much for its failure to exclude Negroes as for its unjust & dishonest apportionment, by which the control of the politics & interests of the state will be in the hands of the people south of the Kansas river. The Democracy may be able to oppose it, not only without losing any thing, but gaining by its opposition.

Love to Henrietta & all the friends,

Tho: Ewing Jr.

Hugh Ewing Esq
Washington D.C.


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