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Untitled Document Ogden March 19, 1858
To the Com. On Church Extension, of the Gen Asso.
Brethren- The Undersigned, in behalf of the Cong. Society in Ogden would state That the Cong. Union of N.York made an appropriation to aid us in building a church, nearly a year ago, of which we have not been able to avail ourselves, on account of the strictness of their conditions, & sometimes have despaired of ever being able to do so.
Of late, however, the indispensable necessity of having a house, has led us to move in the matter. The Society has increased in number, & now
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enrolls nearly all the respectable citizens of the village. We have raised in subscriptions & pledges about $600, nearly all to be paid in labor & rough material. The $300 from N. York will enable us to pay for cash materials, which we can probably obtain on time. But we need some money to use, as we go along, as there are some kinds of labor we must hire & laborers need & expect their pay weekly.

Now if you can afford us $200 in addition to the N. York appropriation, we can carry it through safely, build & finish a small stone house, say 25x30 feet, & build a fortress for [xxx] on this outpost. If we are ever able to build a better house, this will still be
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very useful for lecture rooms & other public purposes.

The importance of our position may easily be perceived. Its natural advantages may be seen from the Map. It is the near of Civil Settlements on the Kansas- The point of convergence for two lines of Settlement which will extend far up the Republican & Smokey hill Forks. It is immediately contiguous to a large military post- & has the Law Office of the Western District.

It will be for many years, probably the Terminus of a Rail Road Westward.

On the first of July next we shall have a daily mail on the North side, & a tri-weekly on the South side of the

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Kansas, & a weekly mail from two other directions

There is no place in town for worship or any public lecture, but a lawyer’s office to which many are unwilling to go.

All of which is respectfully submitted in hope of a favorable response.

G. U. Parsons, Minister
Benj. R. Edmunds. {Clerk of Cong. Society


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