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Untitled Document Osawatomie K. T.
Dec. 17. 1856.
Miss. Mary P. Green,

Dear Madame,

Your very kind letter of the 5th inst, with the accompanying Dft ($35.00) is received. I will do with it as you direct. Everlasting thanks to you- to the ladies of LaSalle Co. Ill, & to kind friends elsewhere in the free States for the relief sent to the suffering in Kansas. A great responsibility rests upon those who have the disbursement of the funds sent. It is impossible so to disburse it as that no unworthy person shall not receive of it. But much suffering is being prevented by it. There is at present com-

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parative quiet. Some emigrants are coming in- mostly free staters & business has begun to revive Should this state of things continue, labor can be had, & a way provided for poor to obtain bread. If compelled soon to pay for their land, multitudes will be obliged to morgage it in order to obtain the money. But if this should be defered, I think the greater portion of the people in this part of the Territory will now be able to get along without great suffering. Some families where nearly all are sick, or where the men are in prison, aid will still be needed. You know not how much many hearts ready to faint have been cheered by

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the proof of sympathy we are receiving from friends; many of them heretofore unknown to us, but I trust from henceforth long to be remembered. My greatest fear in relation to the people here, & myself, is lest we shall not be grateful to our friends, or to God who put it into their hearts to send to our relief, as we ought.

The sin of ingratitude is a great one. Tell Christians to pray God to keep the people of Kansas from it. May the blessing of God, both in respect to temporal & spiritual things rest upon you & all associated with you in contributing to the relief of the suffering in Kansas.

Yours with respect,
S. L. Adair


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