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Untitled Document Lawrence K. T. June 6, 1858

My Dear Father
I don’t know that I should have attempted to write to night but the occurrences of the past few days have been more than usualy exciting. Col Lane notorious in Kansas history and Mr Gaius Jenkins a member of our first board of Alderman have a disputed claim adjoining town Lane recently moved into a house which Jenkins claimed and near which was a well where he had got his water Lane forbid his coming for more water, after some days in which some threats were made Jenkins went with four other men, friends, and advanced towards the well Lane forbiding and threatening him he still advanced when Lane stepped into the house took a shotgun came out and told Jenkins if he came another inch he should fire which he did as Jenkins still came on and lodged ninety-eight shot in him principaly in the breast he fell dead his wife who heard the report ran to the spot but he he had ceased to breathe, I repaired to the spot in a few minutes and I hope never to witness another such scene a wife and four children thus bereaved were ringing their hand in an agony of grief both parties being public men and Mr Jenkins having many warm personal friends a tremendous excitement existed and I did not know but what Lane would be lynched but the more considerate

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prevailed and he is to have an examination Lane was shot in the leg by one of Jenkin’s friends after he had killed him – Some few justify Lane but the most condemn it as a foul murder Mr Jenkins was a man well known and much respected by all who knew him he was one of the treason prisoners in 56, the largest assemblage gathered to day at his funeral that has ever assembled for a like purpose in Kansas.

This sad occurrence with the Linn county tragedy has thrown a gloom over the community which any where else would take a long time to remove but a few days and this will all be forgotten by the mass of the people

The weather has been excessively hot to day but this evening it is cool and refreshing.

You will see by the Republican that I have let my partner go, he was not much help to me – Business continues dull and mony scarce.

Give love to all and believe me as ever your affectionate son
P. R. Brooks


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