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Untitled Document Mound City Linn Co.
Oct. 6th . 1860
Friend Stearns:

Dear Sir:
I arrived safely at home on the 8th day of Sept. and found the people greatly excited.
The Sunday butchering of those supposed to be free state men in Texas, and and the preparations known to be making in Arkansas, for a like butchery there, together with the diabolical plot for robbing and destroying the free State men in Southern Kansas has raised a Storm you little dream of; but at present everything

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is still: It is the calm that precedes the hurricane.

A call has reached us from the Methodists in Arkansas. One man says he can raise fifty men in six hours. They are ready to fight if we will proceed to back them. The other party has organised their vigilance committees, and we are listening for the news, that the work of death has begun.

We have several fugitives on hand and more are expected.

Some of them are from Missouri, and some from Arkansas. When a new, shrewd fellow comes to us, we send him back for more. As yet, they have not been followed by anything like a force.

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One of the fugitives: a fine fellow from Missouri, is staying with me.

I wish you to see Doct Howe, and tell him I would be glad to have those goods in Lawrence, that he spoke to me about.

Some our best men, among them Capt. Stevenson, than whom a brave, or better man never lived, are in a destitute condition.

Their crop has failed, They have nothing to sell, and their families are naked.

The goods even in their damaged condition would be serviciable.

Truly Yours
Jas Montgomery

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P. S. We are organising our Republican Clubs, and preparing for the election.

I am surprised at our proslavery neighbors, in Arkansas, for trying to get up a fuss in such a country as they live in. Only think of it! The Eastern part a vast swamp. The middle, hilly and brushy. The Western part mountains; and all of it thinely settled: Just the country for John Brown to operate in.
James Montgomery


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