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Untitled Document Lawrence Oct 25 1857

My Dear Mr Stearns
I will write but a line to say that the plot thickens here. I dispached a messenger for J. B. yesterday he will be here a week from Tuesday – at a very important council. Free State Central Com. Ter Executive Com. Vigilance Com of 52. Generals and Capts, of the entire organization – The success of our people at the Election and the gross attempts to defraud them is giving them grand stand points. Look for something decisive this winter and Satisfactory. I shall stay it through this time, that is if I am not bankrupt No money from my draft yet. I have been obliged to borrow $350 at 5 % per mo. and now $150 to send Brown -The $1000 due me from Jackson and for which he gave you that note as Collateral was borrowed money and it is called for – I shall send a draft for the amt to Dr Howe, to present if

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he thinks best to do so. If not he will inform you. In which case I beg you to send it on to me the earliest opportunity – a draft here will do no good get it to St Louis and Express it from there. I must not be left in Embassasment so far away and with so many interests depending upon me. Had I supposed that the funds I needed were not to come to hand till this time I should have quit the whole business, as I am almost tempted to do now. – But I cannot. The work of distributing the clothing is being pushed rapidly on - $850 sales is selected and laid aside, as I think I wrote you, to be disbursed for Mrs Gibbons, after the rest is gone.

J. B.’s wants shall be attended to as soon as I get the means this last sum I borrowed for one week as my own personal obligation.

I am willing to work, wear out, die if need be in the cause, but I cannot make bricks always without straw.

Do write me.

Is Conway with you and what of him? Is he fully discouraged? [“Hope on, How ever”?] is my motto.

Very truly yours E. B. Whitman


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