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Untitled Document Lawrence, K. T. July 18, 1857
George L. Stearns, Esq

Dear Sir:
I wrote you a note upon my arrival in this Territory last Saturday morning – I then intimated, that in my opinion you had better send me some money at once, leaving the precise expenditure to my discretion – Since writing that note – I have been to Topeka, to attend the Convention of the Free State Party – I went up Monday & returned yesterday. The Convention was large, its doings entirely harmonious – every one seemed pleased with the result – I send you a copy of their proceedings – The next thing to be done is to canvass the Territory, this will be done – A Central Committee was chosen, who were to have the management of the canvass. I suggested the importance of having the Districts by their delegates present – holding meetings and temporarily organized for the campaign – this was done, and I believe all agree that thereby, much time and expense saved.

Notices for meetings in every precinct where polls are opened have been

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printed, and many of them sent out, the speakers are announced etc. All agree in saying that a good vote will be polled, by far the largest ever yet in Kansas – The Topeka Constitution is to be submitted, and a large vote may be expected in its favor. I think if the people are permitted to vote in October fairly, and the necessary work done previous, the result will be most cheering – one point is certainly gained – discordant elements have been harmonized, and all the leading men will act in concert, this I think is a good point gained, you will hear no more of petty, personal feuds – this is certain. I have seen them all – and told them, that that they could not, at a time when so much was depending, afford to contend among themselves – they had a common enemy that – all must – unite upon. This will be done – I have not yet received the money from Judge Conway – he told me, that he expected two hundred dollars when Dr. Webb arrived and he would then pay over, but – if he did not come I should have the money – I think this is, an important time for the future of Kansas – the people here, are earnest, tho’ they are apparently quiet, and at their business,

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they need help. As an evidence of the earnestness let me say, that in the convention were men who had to ride more than a hundred miles, from the extremes to the place of meeting, & this, not by railroad conveyance, but on horse back very many of them, with the Thermometer ranging all the time from 95 to 110 degrees – and consuming, including the two days occupied by the meeting not less than from a week to ten day time The work of census taking has not been completed some 50 thousand inhabitants have been returned: the number voters is much larger in proportion to the whole “number” of inhabitants than with us – as an instance, I saw one return that the number of a Township thus, voters 1584, Total 3008 - the census will be continued it is said there is a large portion not yet taken – By a Proclamation I send you, you will see that Gov. Walker is making a stir here, when I got home yesterday I found two companies of U. S. Dragoons parading the streets, Col. Cook is said to be in command. Walker is with the Troops just on the outside of the town this morning. U. S. Marshall Dennis is here – [xxx]

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Stanton etc – and all for what? Why simply because the Lawrence people last Monday, choose some city officials – to bury dead horses, and remove other nuisances without consulting with his Majesty, or acknowledging the majority of the Missouri elected Territorial Bogus laws – This is certainly a great offense – only been [xxx] not yet qualified – not yet done a thing, but the soldery are here – they are just now, firing off their Pistols – Walker has made a mistake and he will find it so. it will be his end in Kansas. There is some talk that the Marshall will make some 50 arrests this morning – but I don’t believe it. A meeting was held last evening to ratify the doings of Topeka – A motion was made, and voted without dissent, that the citizens would keep at their business, and have nothing to say to Walker, only throug their municipal head, Col. James Blood. Mayor Elect.
Yours etc T. J. Marsh


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