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Untitled Document Leavenworth City
Dec. 1st 1860

My Dear Sir

Your letter has been recd. and in reply, I can but assure you I regard you as a good Republican, But until after the 4th of March it will be time lost in my opinion to be pressing the claims of any man for office will be useless and will tend to prejudice the claims of the applicant rather than do him good. I do suppose the time will come next April or May when Mr. Lincoln will consider Kansas appointments and that he will adopt some rule in regard thereto; But what rule he will adopt I do not know, he may consult his friends in Kansas and I may

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be one of them, But whether such will be the case I am wholly unprepared to say, I have been an old friend of Mr. Lincoln and he is a relative of my wife – I have every confidence he will do all he can for the People of Kansas, and should he ask me into his councils in order to learn of our Republicans I shall take pleasure in giving your wishes a fair presentation to him; I have too much regard for him to intrude the claims of friends upon him at this time for office as I very well know he will not now give Kansas appointments any consideration-

Very Truly yours
M W Delahay


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