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Untitled Document No. 26
Lawrence 19 Aug: Midnight

My dear Friend,

Yours came to hand this Evening – I am extremely glad to hear from you. I cannot say

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much as it is almost 2 o’clock at night & it is more than time that I was in bed.

I have had a hard time. Until last night I had no bed to sleep in. The previous night I had to get up from the place I was bunking & run out into the road for an hour or so to warm myself.

You do not tell me how poor Arny is. I should like to know if he has got over the shakes.

Ask Arny what he thinks the committee here say of him.

Arny knows how much complaint against the Nat. Com has arisen from Elridges appointment. When I asked Arny in N. Y. how it happened that Eldridge was again appointed he told me the Central Committee desired this: it was their own selection Now they tell me Mr. Arny demanded it! Made it a condition of the Co-operation of the Com.!

That fellow Perry is one grand scoundrel. He came into Kansas

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not worth ten dollars & by the time he reached Lawrence was able to purchase one of our waggons & a couple of horses. How much he pocketed of loose funds no one can tell. He has gone East with his ill gotten gains taking out with him one of our horses, one of the best in the Territory.

I do not approve either of Mr Higgins arrangements of our teams up at the Big Blue.

I do not approve either of Higgins or Redpaths scattering of our arms and ammunition.

I wish you would tell Com. From me that the borders of Nebraska & Iowa are strewn with our Sharps Rifles & Colt revolvers given away for a song by the vagabonds to whom Redpath & Higgins gave them.

Tell the Com: that I shall bring in a full Report. Ask them to please have our accounts made up by the time I arrive [XXXXX] 5. Deer as it is desirable that a meeting should be called as soon as possible for an investiga=

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tion of our affairs, and for Counsel as to future operations.

If that Perry dares to show his head at Chicago please do me the favor to wring his neck; the heartless villain: I mean to publish [or punish] him.

The Central Com: arrangements are not entirely satisfactory to me. I am suggesting improvements. Col Eldridge is no man for his post. I gave to day $20 for clothes to a Mr. Carpenter (son of Mrs. C. I. H. Nichols who is organizing N Y State) who had been waiting
dancing – attendance for 3 days (Monday till Wednesday) on Col Eldridge in the endeavor to get attended to. I have from N. Y. written to the Central Com a special request that the Carpenters should be specially attended to for I had assured their Mother that this should be done. I had gone in Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday & asked & requested this young man to be seen to. Finally a box of things for his neighborhood of which he was to be the bearer was got ready & then he was –

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requested to wait again for a time till somebody else was served. It was getting late & the young man wished to go home 16 miles distant. He called on me & said he could not get what he wanted & would wait no longer. I was vexed & went at once to Eldridge saying “Cannot this Man be served”? “If he will treat me decently” was Eldridge’s reply before the crowd. Of course any self respect forbad. My exchanging another word with this man. I left the house, gave the young man $20 – directing him to go into the next store (Mr Blands) & purchase garments. This matter I brought immediately to the notice of the Com. Their arrangements for Distribution are quite improper. I hope however to get all things righted. Tell Arny I attended to Mr. Fowlers case.

Please lay this letter before the Committee & oblige Your sincere friend.


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Horace White

No 27

Union Telegraph Eaton Lines
Office Custom House Building
Chicago Nov 22. 1856.

The following Dispatch has just been received.
Dated St Louis 22—1856
To. W. F. M. Arny

Pay Perry no money Root is at Topeka he and Perry ought to swing from one Rope – I will write.
Thaddeus Hyatt –

No 28
Union Telegraph Eaton Lines
Office Custom House Building
Chicago Nov 24 1856

The following Dispatch has just been received –
Dated St Louis, 24 1856
To W. F. M. Arny

Root is here. I think he is right – Perry I believe a scoundrel, bring him to account, do not pay him one cent. I write by mail
Thaddeus Hyatt


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