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Untitled Document Lawrence City Oct 19. 54

Mr Strong


As a number of the Citizens of Westport have of late desired to know the reasons that induce the inhabentents of this City and neighborhood to go thro their city to Kansas to trade, altho as they say they sell as cheap are of course nearer and therefore we should save so many miles travel now one reason that I wish to have no dealings with a part of Westport, is this, on the 28th Sep last I had to get a printed power of Attorney signed by a Notary which would save me the trouble and expense of going to Independence this said Notary had just filld-up a simular Power for $1.00 for a President of the reserve on the aforesaid day I calld on him with my Power filld-up only wanted dating and signing with the notary’s name and the Clerk of the County Seal which each notary Keeps and charges fifty cents well he agreed to do all for me as he had done for the person whose name I introduced myself with, for $1.00 and after setting in his house a few minutes waiting he ask me if I was a Yankee I said I was from N. Y. State but I suppose I came

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under that denomination here. Well he the notary says I shall charge $1.00 for the seal and my signature as agreed but I shall charge $1.50 for walking to my office making the sum total, for dating the Clerk of the Countys seal and his signature $2.50 because I was a Yankee. now such fair dealing as this will be sure to have its proper effect on its perpretrators. If the Merchant and traders of Westport or elsewere, desires the Yankees to trade with them they would consult their own interest by acting manly, looking well after such Citizens as this notary in fact giving fair play

John Doy M. D.


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