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Untitled Document Southampton July 27th 1854

Dear Sir

Inclosed you will find a line from Mr. S. F. Lyman of Northampton.

He gave it to me supposing I should see you at our Convention on the 20th. But I was detained at home that day and was not able to be present on account of sickness in my family. Mr Lyman handed me the note entirely unsolicited.

I have thought of making a Tour over the Territories of Kansas & Nebraska. As soon as I could make the necessary arrangments to leave this county.- My friends all seem to be anxious that I should go in some connection with the “Em. Aid Society.” Though I had concluded to go “upon my own hook.”

I am unacquainted with the Society. (its specific field of operation & resources.) I only know some of its more general objects. And they certainly are very commendable. I have for years felt the deepest interest in that extended region of country. –a new world –

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entirely unknown, only in some of its more general outlines. I have been anxious to explore it somewhat minutely, with an eye directed particularly to its agricultural & commercial resources. I have always had a special interest in the location of Roads & Mills And of ascertaining the natural facilities for Water Power. Nothing more facilitates the early settlement of a new Country, than the speedy erection of Mills at the best points – There is no progress without them.

Also I have been anxious to be early upon the ground, to occupy some of the best points upon the “Pacific R. Road” – which is destined to cross the territory somewhere.

But above all, I am anxious to have the right impetous given to its early settlement. That the best principles of our resting fathers, may be transplanted there! And that thus our untold domain may be saved from the blighting – withering- deadning – damning – influence of American Slavery!!

I should be glad to learn any particulars of the objects of your society. And whether there is any department of labor & effort in which I can be useful. – I have written a line to

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Mr Eli Thayer, also to Mr Erv. F. Hoar esq to whom I am personally known – or was as a member of the Legislature with him in 1852 – As a reference for my character & ability & integrity. I may refer you to Hon. Saml. Williston of E. Hampton or J. P. Williston of Northampton – John Clark Esq of the Holeyoke Bank or Col. Elisha Edwan, of Southampton – Also, or what is better I should like a personal conversation with some, or all of the officers of the Society.

If you can state to me when such an opportunity will present itself and if you think it any object I will be present- Any suggestions will be of interest to me –

Very Cordially Yours
in a common interest

Samuel C. Pomeroy


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