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Untitled Document Salina K. T. Jan 14th 1861
Hon. S. N. Wood

Dear Sir
As one of your constituents I claim the privilege of aquainting you with what legislation is needed is this portion of your district, or rather with what is not-needed

You perhaps know that there is a project on foot, originating in Junction City, to change the lines of Dickinson county by attaching a strip from the east side thereof to Davis However pleasing and desirable such a change would be to the people of Junction city, it is

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one that is not only manifestly unjust but is directly opposed to the wishes and interests of the people of Dickinson Co. , They voted on that proposition last year and decided that no change would suit their interests

A change in the lines of Dickinson would necessarily involve a change in the lines of Saline which is something that must not be done under any circumstances. As one of your friends and supporters I ask you to use your influence against any such project.- You will be duly informed should we desire any further favors from you

respectfully yours
A. C. Spilman
P. O. address-Salina via Junction City


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