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Untitled Document Allen, Jan 14, 1861
S. N. Wood, Esqr.
Dr. Sir I went up the next day after I saw you at Chicken Creek and counselled Mrs. Wood about your sick son. Mrs. W. wrote to you that night. When you come home-I will see you and in the mean time you need not give yourself any uneasiness about the child. He will do very well now, unless something new occurs and if such should be the case Mrs. W. will send for me. In regard to our new County Mr. Withington desires me to say to you that he trusts that you will excert yourself to procure the passage of an act to create a new County and to locate the County seat permanently at Allen. Of consequence, you know the astringency in money matters. If that was not the case C. H. W. would go down to Lawrence. But write and let us know what can be done. You shall be paid for your trouble. If you want an interest in the town yourself, or can help along the matter by giving away some town lots write to me and

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I will come down prepared to give assurances. Or if you do not wish to invest in town property set your stake and say what we shall guarrantee you provided the County is created and Allen made the County Seat by the Bill, without taking a vote. You will see that if the two mile strip is taken off the West end it would weaken our vote there & if the 4 miles is taken off the East end it will Kill our County. Consult with Mr. Lilly and write us all the particulars. Let us know what the Emporiaites are doing. I write in haste having just returned from a sick patient and have not had a nights rest this week. It is now about 10 o’clock P. M.

Charlie’s respects to you he would write himself but has been very busy all day writing to friends. He has just received the news of his father’s death

Very sincerely
S. P. Hartz. M. D.


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